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The New Search

The new search happens everywhere. 

Today’s multi-media multi-taskers take in print, tv, radio, mobile tools, the web and , social networks. It’s not just the Google web or even the social web.  The new “search” is not just online.  It’s also physical.  We “search” everywhere we turn.

To reach the top of the “new search, you must integrate your media and content marketing to reach consumers in relevant ways.

An integrated strategy includes 4 types of media

1.       Owned media – Your own website –  information about you from you.

2.       Paid media – Advertising that connects to your owned media, your brand.

When consumers conduct a Google search, they find you.  When you advertise, you find them.    

You must use prospect focused distribution of relevant content to interrupt your target audience – a print ad, a online banner, a postcard, a billboard.   

3.       Social media – Facebook, Twitter, your blog – part of the billions of conversations  on social networks daily.  Relevant conversations build brand awareness,  loyalty, and engagement,  drives traffic to owned media and creates earned media.


4.       Earned media – the stuff you can’t buy.  Positive reviews and voluntary distribution through networks of influencers the highest quality leads.

The Real Estate Book has spent over  30 years studying consumer habits in the real estate industry. 

·        We understand today’s consumer.

·        We understand the tools you need to connect with them.

·        We create those connections.

Based on this deep understanding, we guide leading real estate professionals through today’s marketing complexities.

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  1. This article was well written and easy to follow. Nice work Rebecca.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. My web site http://www.foryoureverymove.com has benefited from social media helping to drive more and more traffic

  3. Hi! If you may allow me, I’ll just get some excerpts from your blog to use on my masters degree thesis research about real estates and properties for sale. Well written, anyway. ☺ Good job!

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