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You’ll Never Look at a Magazine Ad the Same Way Again

trebBy Rebecca Chandler

Think print advertising is old school? Think no one reads magazines anymore?

Think again. Print is not dead, but it’s not exactly the same, either.


The Book Book by Ikea


Today’s print advertising is integrated into a full multi-media advertising campaign mix. Major brands with highly successful marketing campaigns have simply changed the way they use print and other offline triggers to drive traffic between the real and digital worlds of their prospects and customers.

International home goods retailer, Ikea, recently created a video on the value of their printed catalog, or the “book book,” comparing their millions of catalogs to a digital device. The benefits? Simple to navigate, 328 high definition pages, no lag time, easy to share, eternal battery life and no cables.


amazoninstylehgtvAmazon, the world’s largest online retailer is running multi-page magazine ads in almost every major publication to promote their new Fire phone, from GQ to InStyle to HGTV magazine (published by a television channel with robust web and mobile sites and apps), as did Apple with the launch of the new iPhone.





Macy’s, Target, and WalMart, rely on magazines to drive foot traffic, online purchases, and brand engagement in social media. Last year, well over half of their holiday sales to traffic was generated by their catalogs.

So, what’s changed about print and what can you learn from these Madison Avenue-driven campaigns?

The expectation . . .

lorealThe goal of many of these magazine ads are to drive customers to interact with the brands digitally. Go to the website. Follow via social media. Text for more information, coupons, or a special offer. Magazine ads work really, really, well by reaching the consumer in their real worlds, introducing them to the brands, and inviting them to interact in their digital worlds.



The magazine ad says, “Here’s enough information to peak your interest. . . and here’s a way you can learn more digitally.” It leaps off the page to the phone, the tablet, or the laptop to engage the consumer further. And, it starts with a great print ad.


Look at it this way – If you had a party, would you invite the guests, or just hope they show up?

Think magazine advertising is done? It may be just getting started . . .

Learn more – The Holiday Catalog Challenge Video

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  2. Awesome Article – Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  3. The front cover is $399 which also gets you a half page inside the book to add additional info and content on the cover home or other listings.

    Let me know if you are interested and I’ll let you know what issues are available.


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  4. Magazine and print ads are definitely used to complement digital campaigns and drive traffic to the business’ website or social media account.

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