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New Home Trends You Should Know About in 2015

by Courtney Soinski

Is your home ready for the New Year, inside and out? As we get closer to the end of December, many of us begin to crave some sort of change or daydream about making a fresh start.

You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel after transforming your surroundings into a fresh new look. If you’re planning on selling your home, it’s especially important that you keep it in tip-top shape and stay up to speed with new, popular home trends. You may even attract new home buyers!

Here are some of the top home remodeling trends in 2015, according to remodeling experts – Andy Lindus of Lindus Construction, Mike Blank of MBC Remodeling, and Jason Hampel of Moss Building & Design.

1. Bye-bye ceramic flooring…Hello luxury vinyl tile.

Increasingly in 2015, home owners will be using luxury vinyl tiles on their kitchen or bathroom floors instead of ceramic. This type of flooring gives a higher end look at a cheaper price.



2. More painted kitchen cabinets and less stainless steel.

You’ll begin to see painted cabinets in new kitchens along with white trim as we enter the New Year. People are also starting to move away from stainless steel appliances because they show fingerprints very easily.


3. Maintenance-free countertops.

It may be hard to believe, but granite countertops are on their way out. Although not gone completely, we will start seeing a much greater demand for high-end kitchen countertops that require little maintenance, such as soapstone, engineered stone, or zinc.




4. Cooler bathroom colors.

In the bathrooms of new trending homes, buyers are leaning more and more toward cooler colors on the wall and décor. Specifically, cool grays, green, blues and white will be popping up in remodeled bathrooms.



5. Adding “keeping room” off the kitchen.

An increasing number of residents are adding “keeping rooms” to their home’s layout. A somewhat small room located near the kitchen, it’s a great place where kids can play with their toys, or the room can even be a study or media room.



6. Bigger closets and bathrooms.

Another home design trend that you’ll see in 2015 is in the bedroom. Less money is being put into bedroom space. Rather, there is a higher demand for larger closets and bathrooms because people want to make better use of their space.




Now is the perfect time to think about redecorating your house to attract new home buyers in 2015. Just follow these top home design trends for the New Year. You’ll be glad you did!


Source: http://www.angieslist.com/articles/contractors-talk-home-remodeling-trends-2015.htm

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  1. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the colour of the bathroom~ TFS.

  3. Great article. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Tasty read. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. Seems buyers in our area all are demanding large closet space. Walk-ins preferred!

  6. Enjoyed the fresh ideas and agree with all!! They follow my preferences totally. Bring more!

  7. Could you please send me the paint color chip on the grey blue bathroom in this edition?

  8. Thank you for the great information and images, I will be sharing with my clients ~ fresh ideas!

  9. Thank you for the information, I am also a stager so that’s good to know the new trends for 2015.

  10. We are already seeing the grays and blues in baths,bedrooms and living rooms. Farm style and painted cabinets and quartz instead of granite in new homes in the Triangle area of North Carolina.
    Great article!

  11. Large closets are a catch 22. They are wonderful as a dressing room. You need less bedroom furniture to store your clothing, too. However, bigger isn’t always better. A large closet over time will get just as stuffed as a smaller one. One needs to be judicious in how much can be stored in any space.

    • So a “big” closet is relative to your big wardrobe!

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