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Get A Luxurious Look For Less: 6 Designer Tips

By Kristie Barnett, Houzz

I’m always trying to help my clients find ways to make their homes look more expensive, even when they are working with a modest budget. There are lots of ways to make your rooms appear richer and more luxurious that don’t have to cost an absolute fortune. With a few well-planned moves, you can make any room in your house feel like a million bucks.

luxurious look

Max Crosby Construction, original photo on Houzz

Beefing up your architectural molding can go a long ways toward making your rooms feel richer. Wider crown molding, taller base molding, and box trim can be added.

luxurious look

Meadowbank Designs, original photo on Houzz

Here’s one of my favorite tricks: Install a thin piece of trim several inches below your existing crown molding. Paint the drywall area between the two trim pieces the same color and finish as the trim. The bulkier your trim molding, the pricier it looks.

Wood flooring always elevates the look of a space. No carpet or other flooring material feels as rich as a beautiful wood floor. Sure, it may cost a pretty penny, but the pretty is well worth the cost. And when you sell your home, you’ll get a big return on your investment.

Throw pillows that are 18 inches or less can read store bought. Search for or have larger pillows made for your sofa — you’ll make the whole look of your living room more high end.

Overfilling your pillow covers helps too. Stuff 24-inch down-filled pillow inserts into 22-inch pillow covers for a more luxurious look.

luxurious look

Schranghamer Design Group LLC, original photo on Houzz

Nothing makes as much impact in a room as a new, interesting light fixture. Lose the builder-grade brass chandelier and install an eye-catching personality piece like this one. You can find a variety of great lighting at big-box home improvement stores that can give you a higher-end look for less than you think.

luxurious look

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc, original photo on Houzz

Here’s a surprise: Did you know that painting your interior doors black instantly makes your space look more expensive? This simple change can make even inexpensive doors look like something truly special.

luxurious look

Wow Great Place, original photo on Houzz

See? Even inexpensive flat panel doors feel richer with a coat of black paint. Don’t forget to add a few other black accents so that the doors tie in with your decor.

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