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Selling Your Home? Here are 5 Traps to Avoid!

by Courtney Soinski


Do you ever find yourself completely overwhelmed by real estate advice from every direction on how to stage, market, negotiate, and ultimately sell your home?  With all the information we see on a daily basis, it’s easy to overlook to most important details.

Avoid these traps to get the best offer with the highest value, and take the stress out of selling your home.

1. Online-only Marketing. 

Don’t drown in the world wide sea of online data!  With the overload of information that is force fed to us every day, it’s important that everyone sees your home everywhere.  Advertising your home in print makes you stand out locally.  At The Real Estate Book, our magazines even use QR and text codes that instantly connect home shoppers to your home listing on their mobile phones.  You’ll reach home buyers where they live, shop, work and play.  Ask your agent about advertising opportunities with The Real Estate Book in your area!

2. Poor Pricing. 

No matter what they’re buying, it is not a surprise that consumers want the most bang for their buck.  Home buyers tend to stay away from overly high prices and are drawn to the homes that are priced competitively.  However, if the price is too low, buyers will wonder if there is something wrong with the property.  Make sure you research your competition and consult with your real estate agent before deciding on a price.

3. Hovering. 

Although you may want to stick around during a showing, it may not be the best idea.  There is definitely an emotional aspect when selling your home, so hovering while a potential buyer is touring your home may make it difficult for them to envision the home as theirs, and may feel uncomfortable or that they’re intruding on your space.  Take a breather and go run some errands while your real estate agent does the work.

4. Clutter Inside & Out. 

First impressions are everything, and the first thing that buyers will see is your home’s exterior.  Have a well-kept yard, clean driveway and overall curb appeal, which will increase the likelihood that buyers will want to see more.  Now for the interior . . . Make sure your home is absolutely free of all clutter – it should be clean and sparkling!  Help buyers imagine their own things in your home by stashing personal items, including photos and mementos.

5. Lack of Appealing Photos.

Before a buyer even thinks about contacting a real estate agent or coming to see a house to buy, they “pre-shop” online.  Be sure to provide photographs that frame your house and its amenities to sell. Capture full rooms that are well lit and don’t even think about including pictures of cluttered messy spaces!  Home buyers want to see what your home has to offer, and be able to visualize themselves living there.

As you go through the home selling process, avoid these traps to get the best offer quickly.  Remember that your real estate agent is more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide the most valuable help possible.  Be sure to always take advantage of all your resources.

Good luck and happy selling!


Looking for more tips?  Go to 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Agent Before Listing Your Home.

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Fewer Homes For Sale Means More Competition. Are You Winning?

House owner/real estate agent giving away the keysBy Rebecca Chandler

Recent housing reports indicate that in many markets, listing inventory is low and homes are selling quickly. Good news? Kinda.

Sure, buyers are more willing to move more quickly and prices may be increasing as supply decreases, but lower listing inventory also equates to fewer closed transactions. There are simply fewer homes to sell. This means that the competition for available market dollars is higher.

For those who have been through this type of market before there are some lessons to learn – Specifically, in this scenario, who wins?

Agents who win listings. Any agent can work with buyers and get half of the available commission dollars and when buyers are abundant, it’s more about finding the home than finding a buyer, so agents with a steady stream of listings and buyers win more market dollars.

Good listing agents know that during times of low inventory, marketing their listings is much more valuable in terms of getting and keeping listings than about generating buyer leads. In other words, it’s about generating seller leads.

How do they win? They create winning personal brands. Selling your most treasured and valuable asset –your home – is critical, not only financially, but emotionally. Sellers want to work with a professional agent who will not only help them quickly get the highest price for their home, but also deliver with the lowest level of stress.

Winning listing agents promote their brands – heavily – so that potential clients have a level of comfort in the idea of doing business with them. Sellers perceive that professional agents produce professional results. Top listing agents deliver their professional brand message over and over everywhere a potential clients looks – especially on the streets of their home town. They do not sit and wait to be discovered in a Google search mission. They reach out and find local clients – on the real streets of their real town.

Winning the appointment doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win the listing. Even agents who get a good number of listing appointments are still competing. Their listing presentations include services and value that not every agent is willing to deliver.

What are some of their secrets? Learn more here –

Watch this recorded webinar – Five Things Your Listing Presentation is Missing

Read – Is Your Listing Presentation Missing Something?

Read – Build Your Brand

For more marketing and branding tips, contact your local Real Estate Book representative or visit Store.RealEstateBook.com to find local advertising options.


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Getting Ready to Sell? What to Fix and What to Skip

Thinking of selling your home?  Is now the right time?

That’s the question on homeowners’ minds as house prices just realized their largest annual gain since 2005. Congrats to those no longer “under water” on their mortgages, even as interest rates remain tantalizingly low. But here’s the catch: Those same higher prices can make buyers as choosy as a restaurant reviewer.

“A house with a $1,600 mortgage payment last year now has a $2,000 mortgage payment,” one broker told the Wall Street Journal. “Buyers are saying, ‘I better like it.'”

To increase your home’s “like” frequency, read on to see which upgrades are worth making and which are really not.  You may be surprised.

Worth It: A new front door. Strictly in terms of return on investment, a steel one topped the list of Remodeling magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report for 2014” – recouping 96.6% of the average price. But, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders, too.

Not Worth It
: A home-office remodel. We know what you’re thinking: With so many more people working from home, wouldn’t it be brilliant to rewire the space for electronic equipment, say, and install commercial-grade carpeting? Not really. The magazine gave it the lowest return on investment (48.9%).  According to the study’s administrator, “Home offices don’t sell houses.”

Worth It: A back-up power generator. It’s the biggest gainer in the study, jumping 28% over last year, and plays especially well in areas brutalized by storms.

Not Worth It: Major bathroom work. “You could install the most spectacular jetted tub, and it still might not suit a buyer,” says Patsy O’Neill, a sales associate in Montclair, N.J. “Meanwhile, you’d have spent tens of thousands of dollars.”

Worth It: Roofing replacement. There’s a reason this ultimate “curb appeal” enhancer consistently makes Remodeling’s list and is up 11.2% over even last year: A roof is the first thing prospective buyers notice even before exiting their cars, and you can kiss that sale good-bye if yours looks like it’s been through hell.

Not Worth It: Major kitchen renovations. Again, the key word is “major,” and again it’s an issue of individual tastes.

Source: GAF

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Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.

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