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Spring has Sprung! New Marketing Trends for Real Estate

By Rebecca Chandler

springtimeAhh. Spring. Trees bud. Flowers bloom. Baby birds are singing. The time when we awaken from our winter hibernation and embrace a fresh start – and home buyers and sellers are actively shopping for homes and real estate agents. Are you keeping up? Or is your marketing plan still in hibernation?

As the media landscape has changed and consumer home shopping and media consumption habits have changed, have you? Here are some new trends you should embrace and some old trends you should leave in hibernation.

Old marketing habits you should leave in hibernation.

STOP – Referring to your home marketing presentation as a “listing presentation.” The most important service a seller expects from their real estate agent is marketing.* Begin referring to the presentation you make on an appointment with a potential seller as a “marketing presentation.” Include all the ways you will put their home in front of potential buyers. Make a list. Bring samples. Your presentation will outshine those who only bring a CMA.

STOP – Relying primarily on listing aggregation sites for leads. You absolutely should put your listings on free listing aggregation sites. They get a lot of traffic and are a basic expectation for your marketing presentation. However, your listings are competing with every listing in town and you are drowning in a sea of online data, waiting and wishing that someone will stumble upon one of your listings and waiting and wishing that they would call or email you. It just doesn’t happen that often. Consider it web exposure, but not robust lead generation. Look for ways to reach out to local buyers and sellers using active advertising and lead generation strategies instead of waiting for them to find you.

STOP – Relying on your referral network for ALL your business. Your referral base is a great source of business, but it can’t be the only source of business. Repeat business only happens every 6-10 years in most cases, and agents who consistently advertise and market their services may gain top-of-mind awareness that you’ve lost. Also, today’s consumers have high expectations. A simple referral may not be enough to seal the deal if a seller doesn’t feel you will actively market their home – or if a buyer has not seen you actively working their area of interest.

New trends you should embrace.

START With a fresh look at your branding. Is your website old and tired? Is your photo the same one you’ve used for the last 10 years? What about your branding in general – colors, logos, and style? Does it look clean and fresh? Dark, heavy colors are out. Light and bright colors are in – especially for spring. Freshen up your marketing “wardrobe” to get new attention.

START –Mobilizing everything. What does you website look like when you open it in the browser on your phone? If you have to “pinch and stretch” to see it, most will abandon it and move on. Do you have single property mobile sites for all your listings? Text code lead generation? GPS-enabled sign riders? More and more consumers are relying on their phones to text codes for more information, download apps, search the web, browse the Internet, etc. Make sure you are taking advantage of being able to reach consumers on the go.

START – Incorporating an IDX feed into your site. Buyers and sellers today think a home shopping experience should be comprehensive. They want to search, on their own, every available property – from one location. Create a home shopping experience for them that keeps them on YOUR site. If they can find all the available listings and search in a rewarding way, they will bookmark your site, and regardless of whether the home they are interested in is your listings, they will contact YOU.

START – Putting YOUR brand front and center. Of course you want to be everywhere a potential client looks for real estate information. But – are you lost in the crowd or do you really stand out? Download our Personal Brand Workbook here to take a fresh look at your personal brand and potentially, adjust your brand strategy.

START – Using locally distributed advertising to reach LOCAL buyers. Winning the Google Search over large listing sites is probably a futile effort. However you have a distinct advantage over them. You are IN the local market. Use tools like interactive print and direct mail to generate direct response on the streets of your market – in the places where your potential customer live, work, shop and play. Interrupt their day with your advertising message with an immediate lead generation call to action.

  • Text this code to see more photos, prices, and information.
  • Go to my website to shop all the homes in the market.
  • Call, text, or email me for a list of all the homes in the area that match your dreams to your next home.
  • Email me for an analysis of recent sales in the area.
  • Call me to find out about my marketing campaign for your home.

A direct call to action placed in front of those with the ability and likelihood to do business with you will create more business for you.

Have more questions on how to freshen up your spring marketing plan? Contact your local Real Estate Book representative or go to Store.RealEstateBook.com to learn more.

*NewPoint Media Group Research on Home Buyers and Sellers (May 2013)

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The Real Estate Book Opening in New Markets


Have you ever thought about owning your own real estate marketing business or know of someone who would? The Real Estate Book is expanding and looking for new business owners in markets across the U.S. and Canada.

“One of the biggest benefits of owning a Real Estate Book business is that our independent distributors are in business for themselves, but certainly not by themselves,” said Patrick McGroder, Vice President of Market Development for the brand. “Not only do they have full support from a corporate standpoint, but also from a large network of other independent distributors across North America. We’re a tight-knit group.”

The Real Estate Book has been publishing local printed magazines across North America for over 30 years, but as the real estate, media, and advertising industries have evolved, so has the product offering. “Thirty years ago, we were a local printed magazine distributed in a market – and that is still a very valuable offering for the real estate agent in terms of local branding and lead generation,” said Adam Brown, Senior Vice President. “However, now our offering includes so much more for the agent and we’re continually adding more ways to connect buyers and sellers through a real estate professional.

Advertising packages include –

  • Print ad in local magazine
  • Online advertising on RealEstateBook.com, a top-rated real estate website with over 1.6 million listings
  • Mobile websites and apps for the agent and the home
  • Text lead generation program
  • Free call tracking phone numbers
  • Out-of-market direct mail campaign via a corporate relocation program and free magazine distribution
  • Social sharing and free consumer content via Blog.RealEstateBook.com
  • GPS-enabled mobile marketing tools

“These packages are really unparalleled in the market and that’s why the brand has remained relevant and profitable for all these years,” McGroder added. Independent distributors for The Real Estate Book are not limited in their earning capabilities. Their income is based on their efforts. Many find the ability to set their own hours and work from home if they choose very attractive aspects of the business in addition to being their own boss and the tax benefits that come with owning your business.

NewPoint Media Group, publishers of The Real Estate Book provide all the tools, training, printing, shipping and technology to support the business locally at a level that would be cost-prohibitive for a small business on their own.

In terms of available markets, there are open markets in which no Real Estate Book magazine is currently in print and other, established markets that may be for sale. “We’ve got some independent distributors who are ready to retire or who are open to the idea of selling their business, “McGroder said. “These are established businesses with established revenue and these can be profitable very quickly.”

For more information on available markets and the opportunity, visit http://publishing.realestatebook.com or contact Patrick McGroder whose contact information is listed below. Referrals may earn free advertising and other incentives.

Patrick J. McGroder

The Real Estate Book

Vice President Market Development

2305 Newpoint Parkway

Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Cell: 704.657.3886

Email: pmcgroder@newpointmediagroup.com

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Food for Thought – How to Amplify Your Referral Base

By Rebecca Chandler

ReferralBaseLast week, as we finished up the National Association of REALTORS® Convention, I made an observation.

Some people think they absolutely need to market themselves, their listings, and their businesses.

Some people do not. They say they rely on referrals.

It’s not quite that simple, but almost.

I heard one say last week that they received ALL their business from referrals. And, I think that’s a testament to the level of professionalism and service they provide their clients – that they become confident to refer their friends and family. But, I think that as the sole source of business, it’s extremely risky. There are times when your referral base may just not know anyone who is buying or selling – or another good, professional, agent could also be considered and may begin to erode your referral base. Let’s assume that you are not the only reliable real estate professional in town.

From time to time, we have all liked a product so much that we would refer it to our friends. For example, I like my new Skechers boots. They look sharp and they are extremely comfortable. I would recommend them to my friends. However, not all my friends are in the market for boots, my tastes may not be theirs, and there are just certain times of the year when you are less likely to buy boots and we’ll all be less likely to be talking about buying boots. Some may take my recommendation and shop for Skechers boots, but, in the end, they will make their own decisions. Skechers certainly shouldn’t rely on me as a consistent source of business.

I wonder how many times someone in your sphere of influence is asked about a real estate transaction, and they don’t recommend you? It just didn’t occur to them. Or – they did recommend you and the prospect chose differently? Or they did recommend you and another agent crossed their path before they contacted you? There could be a multitude of reasons why you did not get the referral. Truth is, you may be getting a good number of referrals, but it’s highly unlikely that you are getting them all.

Let’s think about this a little differently. You are a very good, highly professional real estate agent who leaves a trail of happy clients. If you were to consider that for every piece of new business you gained through advertising or another lead generation activity, each of those would refer even more new business to you, your referral base would be amplified. If you are very good at getting referral business, just think how good you’d be if you also advertised.

Food for thought.

For More – Is Your Listing Presentation Missing Something?

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