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Know Your Prospect. Build Your Business.

by Rebecca Chandler

Today, marketers know more and more about their target audiences. They’ve become increasingly proficient in securing information via big data collection and we’ve helped them all along the way by sharing more of our habits through social media, apps, preferences, etc. While some may cite privacy concerns, it could be argued that the better the marketing community knows you, the better they can serve you through advertising and offers that are more closely aligned with your wants and needs. And, conversely, you are presented with fewer ads for things in which you have no interest.

As a real estate professional or small business owner, you may not have big data at your fingertips, but chances are, the profile of your prospective buyer or seller is right there in your head. As I’ve coached agents in designing their marketing campaigns over the years, I’ve found that defining the prospective client very specifically is the first step in a successful and profitable campaign. As you plan, start with these questions.

  • Geographic Profile
    • Where do they live?
    • Where do they work?
    • Where do they shop?
    • Where do they go for entertainment?
    • What does this look like on a map?
    • What are the words used to describe these areas?

Once you’ve defined the geographic profile of your target audience, you can use this information both offline and online. For example, once you know where your prospects live, work, shop and play, you can place advertising on the real streets of those geographic locations. That may mean a billboard, a direct mail campaign, or a locally distributed real estate magazine, like The Real Estate Book®. Use lead generation tools like text codes to measure the effectiveness of your ads. Interrupt the offline habits of your prospect. Don’t wait for them to search for you online. You’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

Use the geographic profile online to define keywords that you will use on your site, and online ad buys. For example, you can very easily and inexpensively purchase ads from Facebook, Yahoo, and Google using these keywords to drive more traffic to your site.

As a next step, think through the demographic and behavioral profile of your prospect.

  • Demographic Profile
    • What is their age range?
    • What is their income range?
    • What is their family like?
    • Are they permanent or seasonal residents?
    • First home? Move up? Downsize? Second home? Investment home?
  • Goals and Objections
    • What are their main goals?
    • What are their most common challenges?
    • What are their most common objections?
    • Are their expectations sound?

This information allows you to first, develop a voice for your marketing story, and secondly, overcome any fears they may have, increasing the likelihood that they will reach out to you versus your competition. For example, if your target prospect is a young family with children, your social media campaign might include school information or a calendar of events catering to families. If your targeted prospect is an empty nester, then you would include information on selling your home quickly and the advantages of a condo in a great walking neighborhood, for example.

If your prospect’s most common objection is commute times, then include traffic pattern information. The fact that you are well-versed in helping them through their most common trepidations will make them much more comfortable relying on you in their home search.

While this exercise may seem like common sense (and it is), actually going through the steps and definitions will help you make sure your marketing plan is focused and effective.

For more tips on designing successful marketing campaigns for real estate, contact your local Real Estate Book representative.

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Five Essentials For Your 2015 Marketing Plan

2015-marketing-executive-resume-trendsBy Rebecca Chandler

Putting together a budget and a business plan for the coming year can be daunting, but with these five essentials, you can make sure your marketing plan is on track.

1. Don’t rely solely on search results for traffic to your website.

Optimizing your site for search engine optimization (SEO) and spending money on search engine marketing (SEM) are good tactics for driving traffic, but your overall strategy should include advertising your web (and mobile) sites offline.  Interrupt the day of your target prospect on the real streets of your real town with your url and you’ll drive more local traffic to your site.  Local printed real estate magazines, direct mail, display ads, even your brochures and business cards – all reach your prospects offline and drive the to your site.

2. Fully leverage mobile marketing this year.

Consumers this year will spend more time on their phones than watching TV or surfing on their laptop and mobile screens become the primary screen for accessing digital content.  Make sure your own website is optimized for mobile.  Do you have your own app?  Text code lead generation?  GPS enabled yard signs?  The mobile evolution is here.  Joining is not optional anymore.

3. Market your brand, not just your listings.

The problem with using only your listings for lead generation is that, as they sell, you have less exposure, and fewer leads.  Buyers and sellers looking for an agent to represent them are looking at more than your listings.  They want to know that you are knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy.  A listing on an aggregate site does not convey those things.  Your brand needs a professional local marketing campaign to stay in front of local buyers and sellers – and strong branding paves the way to successful lead generation.

4. Make your sellers happy happy happy.

Happy clients become an extension of your marketing message.  They tell their friends and neighbors, post on social media, and their endorsements are vital.  Make sure they are overwhelmed by providing more than anyone else.  Professional photography, staging, local advertising, mobile marketing, and great service will make your sellers sing your praises – to a new set of clients.

5. Look for a trusted marketing partner.

Looking for a bundled marketing package from a professional real estate marketing company will not only save you time, but also money.  Packages from The Real Estate Book include local print, wide web exposure, personally branded mobile tools, out of market reach, tracking tools and more.  Scheduling a consultation with your local representative is a good way to get 2015 off to a great start!

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The Income Based Approach to Real Estate Marketing 2015

Planning for 2015? Click the link below to download our worksheet and get started!

2015 Income Based Approach to Real Estate Marketing

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