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Who’s Marketing YOU?

By Rebecca Chandler

pointing-fingerSome companies in the real estate advertising industry are really good at marketing THEMSELVES. Have you thought about how they market YOU?

Let’s say your business depends on people who drink coffee. The largest concentration of coffee drinkers probably frequent Starbucks. And Starbucks charges you to gain access to their congregation of coffee drinkers. But, the experience is all about Starbucks, not you. And the more they market Starbucks, the more coffee drinkers they attract, and the more they charge you.

Or – let’s say you want to reach people interested in twine because you manufacture twine. So, you contribute twine to a tourist attraction to help build the world’s largest ball of twine and just as that ball of twine is becoming one of the largest spectacles in the world, the Ball of Twine Management Company starts charging you to advertise your brand of twine at the attraction.

Sounds a little silly, but familiar?

That’s what large listing aggregators do and this is why using your listing inventory as bait to catch a prospect is a poor marketing plan. Certainly, you want to market your listings aggressively. That was a promise you made to the seller. And, every lead you get for their home is a lead for your business as well. However, listings come and go, and by simply placing them online, you are sitting, waiting, and hoping that someone will stumble upon them through search on a site with all listings on it and they will contact you. That’s not a proactive marketing campaign for your business. It’s a passive approach – reliant on your listing inventory to create leads for you. As you sell listings, you have less inventory, and less marketing – and so a cycle begins.

Trying to win the Google ranking battle with a large listing aggregator with millions to spend is difficult. But, you do have a big advantage. You can place advertising offline, locally. In places where your prospective clients eat, work, live, shop and play. Use local print, direct mail, yard signs, bill boards, car magnets, whatever it takes to make sure that everywhere the prospective customer turns in your town, they find you.

When it comes to investing in your advertising and marketing efforts, think about how they drive traffic to YOU. If you can get the prospective client to engage with your brand, you have a better opportunity to work with that client to help them buy or sell a home. You wrap your arms around their home shopping or selling experience, which is exactly what a client expects from a real estate professional.

Want to learn more about bundled marketing packages for YOUR brand?

Contact your local Real Estate Book representative, or visit Store.RealEstateBook.com

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The Real Estate Book Opening in New Markets


Have you ever thought about owning your own real estate marketing business or know of someone who would? The Real Estate Book is expanding and looking for new business owners in markets across the U.S. and Canada.

“One of the biggest benefits of owning a Real Estate Book business is that our independent distributors are in business for themselves, but certainly not by themselves,” said Patrick McGroder, Vice President of Market Development for the brand. “Not only do they have full support from a corporate standpoint, but also from a large network of other independent distributors across North America. We’re a tight-knit group.”

The Real Estate Book has been publishing local printed magazines across North America for over 30 years, but as the real estate, media, and advertising industries have evolved, so has the product offering. “Thirty years ago, we were a local printed magazine distributed in a market – and that is still a very valuable offering for the real estate agent in terms of local branding and lead generation,” said Adam Brown, Senior Vice President. “However, now our offering includes so much more for the agent and we’re continually adding more ways to connect buyers and sellers through a real estate professional.

Advertising packages include –

  • Print ad in local magazine
  • Online advertising on RealEstateBook.com, a top-rated real estate website with over 1.6 million listings
  • Mobile websites and apps for the agent and the home
  • Text lead generation program
  • Free call tracking phone numbers
  • Out-of-market direct mail campaign via a corporate relocation program and free magazine distribution
  • Social sharing and free consumer content via Blog.RealEstateBook.com
  • GPS-enabled mobile marketing tools

“These packages are really unparalleled in the market and that’s why the brand has remained relevant and profitable for all these years,” McGroder added. Independent distributors for The Real Estate Book are not limited in their earning capabilities. Their income is based on their efforts. Many find the ability to set their own hours and work from home if they choose very attractive aspects of the business in addition to being their own boss and the tax benefits that come with owning your business.

NewPoint Media Group, publishers of The Real Estate Book provide all the tools, training, printing, shipping and technology to support the business locally at a level that would be cost-prohibitive for a small business on their own.

In terms of available markets, there are open markets in which no Real Estate Book magazine is currently in print and other, established markets that may be for sale. “We’ve got some independent distributors who are ready to retire or who are open to the idea of selling their business, “McGroder said. “These are established businesses with established revenue and these can be profitable very quickly.”

For more information on available markets and the opportunity, visit http://publishing.realestatebook.com or contact Patrick McGroder whose contact information is listed below. Referrals may earn free advertising and other incentives.

Patrick J. McGroder

The Real Estate Book

Vice President Market Development

2305 Newpoint Parkway

Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Cell: 704.657.3886

Email: pmcgroder@newpointmediagroup.com

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The 5 Smartest Questions to Ask About Marketing Your Business


by Rebecca Chandler

As the holidays approach, many of us will spend some time reflecting upon last year’s successes and failures and trying to learn some valuable lessons. Here are 5 questions to ask about marketing your business.

to determine what to repeat and expand and what to abandon.

  1. What was the smartest thing you did to drive digital traffic, leads, and conversions? If you’ve done a good job of tracking, you can determine not only where the traffic came from, and which traffic converted best and which was the most cost-effective. Think specifically about these categories
    • Online sources such as SEO or SEM
    • Offline sources such as print or direct mail
    • Mobile tools such as text or QR codes


  1. Did you use all the tools available to you? From a marketing perspective, consumers don’t search in a silo. They search everywhere – web, mobile, print, social, video, etc., etc., for information about real estate and real estate professionals. Did you limit your exposure to your website and your listing syndication only? Then, you may be drowning in a sea of online data. What about other media such as interactive print with text and QR codes? Or highly geographically and demographically targeted direct mail? Or display advertising? Social media? All of your advertising and marketing efforts should work in orchestration to amplify their effectiveness and you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.


  2. How did you engage hyper local buyers and sellers in the real world? Did you wait for them to stumble upon your blog, your website, or your listings on an aggregate site? Considering that 69% of sellers pick up local real estate magazines, and 76% want to see their homes advertised in one and that over 87% of local editions of The Real Estate Book get picked up every 4 weeks*, this type of advertising reaches out to your hyper local prospect versus waiting for them to type in the right phrase in an online search. And, using direct mail in a highly targeted fashion allows you to narrow your message down to the areas and demographics of your target client.


  3. Does your site provide a compelling experience for a mobile shopper? Your site should be responsive to the device on which it is viewed so the user doesn’t have to “pinch and stretch” the screen to read. This year, Americans will search the web on their mobile device more than their laptop device. If your site doesn’t display properly, you stand to lose a lot of hard-earned digital traffic.


  4. Are your marketing efforts all about YOU or what you can do for YOUR CLIENT? Marketing yourself is important so you and your brand stand out, but equally important is how your market your listings. It’s the most important service sellers expect from their agent.* Your awards and designations may be impressive, but ultimately, they expect you to sell their home quickly and for the best price. Tell them how you do that via multiple media will give your listing presentation a competitive edge.


    If you answer these questions honestly and thoughtfully, reflecting on 2013 will help you devise an improved plan for 2014. Need help? Contact your local Real Estate Book representative. They are local and well-trained real estate marketing professionals.

    Looking for tracking tools? Download our “Income Based Approach to Real Estate Marketing” worksheets here.

    *2013 Home Seller Research (NPMG)
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