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Is Email Marketing Part of Your Business Plan?

By Courtney Soinski

shutterstock_167545355The great big world of marketing has come a long way over the past few decades, especially since the emergence of social media, search engine marketing, and yes…even email. If email marketing is not part of your business plan, then it’s time to make a change.

Here are 5 reasons why email is the way to go.

Email gives you relevant insights.

Many email marketing services offer detailed analytics reports for each of your mailings. Study them so you can use those insights to benefit your next campaign’s success. Take note of your opens and click-through rates (CTR) in order to identify what’s making the numbers go up or down. Be sure to pay attention to the number of unsubscribes – if opt-outs are high, you may want to try something different in your next email.

Email is personal and targeted.

Email-MarketingBy implementing email marketing in your business plan, you are able to completely personalize, target and greet each person with ease. You can even segment your contact lists into demographics such as location or gender, then send custom emails to people in those smaller lists. This has been proven to improve the overall results of your email campaign, so why not give it a try?

Email is shareable.

A great email contains content that people actually want to share, and gives readers an easy way to do it. In addition to having a “forward to a friend” link, it helps tremendously to include buttons to share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platform. Include a public link at the top that directs readers to the web version of your email. This makes it super simple for people to spread the word!

Email has a global reach.

Regardless of where you are sending from or who you are sending to, you can reach your target audience everywhere in a very short time. Email marketing helps keep customers around for a repeat purchase or even get brand new customers. Also, I highly recommend setting up automated email campaigns. They are simple, automatic, and completely customizable. Keep in mind, however, the spam laws in different countries like Canada. To avoid any trouble, familiarize yourself with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Email provides a higher return on investment.

Email marketing has the power to increase sales as long as you know how to use it. You’ll show your customers how valuable your brand is by simply sharing information about your business and content related to your product or service through emails. I have found that the best approach is by sending your readers a variety of different types of emails, such as promotional or an email that introduces a new product or service to the brand.

Try sending different types of emails to different segments of your audience for the best possible results. Track your analytics to gain an understanding of what works and what doesn’t work.

Good Luck and Happy Emailing!



“How Email Marketing Helps Your Small Business”, Vertical Response;

“15 Email Marketing Tips”, Forbes

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Summer Selling Tips for Your Next Showing

By Courtney Soinski

As the official representative of a house on the market, you’re constantly communicating with potential homebuyers. The amount of homes for sale increases during the summer months, so it’s essential that you know what it takes to pull off a spectacular showing.



There are many great ways you can make the best possible first impression among homebuyers this summer. Follow these tips for a perfect summer selling season!

Keep it Cool.

Before guests even arrive, make sure the air conditioning is on and working correctly. It can get scorching hot in the summer season, so your cool oasis will be giving home shoppers a way to escape the heat. Also, consider setting the home’s thermostat a couple degrees cooler than usual. This is a great way to compensate for the constant opening and closing of doors during showings.

Offer Summer Refreshments.

Make prospective homebuyers feel right at home by kindly offering them some refreshing summer treats. It will keep home shoppers interested, happy, and even make them want to stick around longer. After all, the longer that prospects stick around…the more interested and emotionally attached they will be to the home.

Let Natural Light Shine.

When potential buyers enter a room filled with natural light, the more likely they are to envision how they’ll incorporate their own color schemes throughout their new potential home. Beautiful summer light is right outside the window, so use it to your advantage by opening all curtains and shades. Let there be light!

Give Buyers a Lawn to Remember.

Presenting an un-manicured lawn is one of the quickest ways to turn off a buyer. To prevent this from happening, keep the home’s outdoor lawn mowed and clear of any weeds, sticks, or clutter. The outdoor living space should be inviting, which can be achieved by simply adding a cozy seating area with a few summer accents.

Fill the Air with Natural Fragrance

Appeal to the home shopper’s senses by giving the rooms a nice, clean fragrance of subtle flowers or honeysuckle vines. Don’t overwhelm their senses too much, though! Remember that less is more when it comes to indoor scents.


Source: How to Sell a Home in the Summer

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5 Signs You’re Ready to List Your Home

By Courtney Soinski

Do you ever find your thoughts going back and forth about whether or not to sell your home? ­As you contemplate your decision, there are many factors to consider, including the current state of the real estate market as well as your lifestyle and financial situation.

After years of housing recovery, we are continuing to experience a shortage of inventory among homes for sale in today’s real estate market. Fortunately for you, it’s a total seller’s market right now. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, there was a recent 6.1 percent increase of existing-home sales. This is the highest annual rate since September of 2013. Here are 5 signs it’s time to sell your home.

1. You’re running out of living space.

If you’re getting frustrated because you are feeling overcrowded in your home, or if you don’t have enough space for guests to sleep, then you may be ready to sell. Maybe your kids are outgrowing their rooms (literally) or you’re thinking about adding to your family. These are also signs that it’s about that time.

2. You’re not emotionally attached to your home anymore.

As you start going through the selling process, things will be a lot more difficult for you and your REALTOR® if you still have some sort of emotional attachment to your home. Being this connected decreases the likelihood that you’ll even want to listen to the real estate agent’s advice. In order to sell, you need to be able to view your house as a product.

3. You can afford it.

This is one of most significant factors when it comes to selling your home and moving somewhere else. Are you financially ready to make the leap? Review all costs and expenses related to selling, including moving costs, as well as the down payment and closing costs on your new home. Most importantly, have a game plan.

4. Your equity is a force to be reckoned with.

Ever since the housing market crashed, homeowners now have a tendency to be skeptical about putting their home on the market to sell. Thankfully, real estate has come back in full force. Increasing numbers of homeowners are getting their positive equity back and negative equity rates are at their lowest since 2012. Now is the perfect time to see where your equity stands. Do some research and have your home reappraised.

5. You are ready to make your decision.

Making the decision to sell your home can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. By partnering with a trustworthy real estate professional, you’ll get the honesty and expert advice that will make the selling process a breeze. By considering all factors and working closely with a pro, you’ll be able to decide what is best for you and your family.

So, the choice is yours. Are you ready to list your home?

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