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Summertime. And Home Selling is Easy.

summer2When is the perfect time to sell your house?  How about this summer?  Families with children tend to shop for a home during the summer months, when there is no conflict of missing school or other obligations during a move.  And, singles and couples may be home dreaming during their time of vacation and relaxation.

Follow these tips to get your home ready for the HOT summer market!

1. Make outdoor areas fun and inviting.

The lively and carefree vibes of summer leave many buyers looking for a refreshing home with areas to enjoy the season. Keep your backyards and patios clean and festive. Add in pops of color with fresh flowers, unique décor or hanging lights. No matter the style of your current patio, there is always something that can be added to give a punch of personality.  For more tips on turning your deck into a dream space read this.

2. It’s the heat – and the humidity.

If you live in a humid city or area, the summer heat may make your home sticky and warm – not what buyers want. Try a dehumidifier. Place in a lower set room or any room you think may need the extra water absorption. Check with a local flood service or plumbing company for rental options to avoid spending extra cash on a short-use purchase.

3. Lighten up!

Take down heavy drapes and curtains to let in the natural sunlight. This will prevent that drab and dreary feeling from sneaking in and makes rooms look bigger. Adding in plant life or flowers will also brighten the space and add a sweet aroma!

4. A lush lawn and bright flowers will bring more buyers.

The sharp and colorful contrast of your green lawn with bright colored flowers will make buyers want to see more and an unkempt lawn signals an unkept house – and will reduce the number of buyers who want to see inside.  Make time to water and mow your grass, but not too close.  Keeping the grass a little higher makes it look lush and helps it grow to fill in patches.  You may have to mow a little more often, but the curb appeal will pay off in the long run.  Add bedding plants or planters with bright flowers.  Look for varieties that will bloom longer and last during the hot summer months.

5. Bug out!

Don’t let an uninvited visitor ruin a buyer’s first impression.  Keep them out by by fixing any window screens with holes and take a look at the rubber stops in your doorway and replace any ill-fitting stops that may have been caused from weather or warping.  If you have pets, make sure they don’t bring fleas in from outdoors.

6. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Simply put, good photos will drive demand.   Make sure to use summer photos, not the images from last fall.  Old photos indicate to buyers that your home has been on the market for too long – and that something must be wrong.  Also, take photos with all the lights on and the curtains open to let in as much light as possible.  Remove clutter so that surfaces are open and clean to make spaces look bigger and brighter.

7. Don’t wait for buyers to find you.  Find them!

Summer is typically a much more social time of year than the cold winter months and people tend to venture out and about more often.  To start, let the neighborhood know about your home, and ask them to share with anyone they know who might be interested.

Secondly, look for the popular summer activities in your town.  A riverwalk?  Outdoor shopping venue?  Al fresco dining?   Ask your agent to advertise your home in places where potential buyers eat, work, shop and play.  Local real estate magazines like The Real Estate Book are distributed free around high traffic venues – and help get the word out about your home – driving them to your home, instead of waiting for them to drive by or stumble upon your home in an online search.

Looking for more tips on selling your home?  Try these other articles.

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To help your agent find advertising information for The Real Estate Book/RealEstateBook.com, send them this link.

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Are Drones Flying into Real Estate?

drone2 (1)by Courtney Soinski

Announced for the first time on Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has officially given approval for drone-maker AeroVironment to fly an unmanned vehicle over the largest oil field in the nation, which is operated by BP.  This marks the very first commercial drone to be flown in the US.

But what does this mean for the real estate industry?  We all know that there are only so many ways you can photograph a house or piece of property.  With drones, we’ll be able to capture incredibly expansive pictures and videos using aerial photography.  However, the commercial use of drones is still very much restricted by the FAA, unless they have given you a certificate of airworthiness.  Until then, it would be best to keep your drone on the ground.

Once drones do become available in real estate after all regulations are put in place, what are the benefits?

For one, drones are basically flying camera tripods.  REALTORS® will be able to maneuver and direct the drone to get the best shots.  Then, agents can simply show those photos and videos to their client or post them in an online listing advertisement.

In addition, using aerial photography on a drone is much less expensive than hiring a helicopter.  Moreover, the drone is capable of holding the same type of camera equipment and will maneuver with complete ease.  Once sellers see the photos and videos that drones can produce, aerial photography, in my opinion, will become a demand.

There are some groups of people, however, who advise caution regarding the use of these drones in real estate.  According to an article by Robert Freeman, “the legal landscape surrounding commercial use of drones is constantly shifting.”  Currently, you must have a certificate from the FAA in order to fly a drone in the air for commercial use.

How do YOU think drones will impact REALTORS® in the near future?

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6 Easy Twitter Tips for Real Estate Agents


By Geneva Ives

How often do you use Twitter to promote your real estate business? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Never?

Twitter has more than 500 million registered users who share an average of 58 million tweets per day. There are many active real estate professionals on Twitter, promoting their own content, interacting with clients and learning from their peers.

Even though it may seem overwhelming at first, you can join in the fun and start reaping the benefits of this social platform in almost no time at all. Twitter is simple to use and easy to do right. You just talk to others and share your thoughts in blurbs of 140 characters or less.

Whether you’re just getting started or already have a Twitter account that may be lying dormant, these Twitter tips for real estate agents will help you jump start your engagement today:

Remember your audience.

You are most likely interacting with a variety of buyers, sellers and peers. These people don’t just want to see new listings; they want to learn a little about you and your expertise. Share staging tips, negotiation advice and interesting tidbits about your neighborhood too.

Don’t limit yourself to text.

You can share video and photographs in your tweets. Mix in a virtual tour, photo of a listing dressed up for a holiday or even picture of your puppy. Followers like to see the things that show a little bit of your personality. No need to be a boring real estate robot.

• Use a scheduler to stay consistent.

Although it may seem like some of the most successful Twitter users are on Twitter around the clock, for a busy real estate agent it simply isn’t feasible. Avoid giving Twitter the accidental silent treatment by using a free scheduling tool like Tweetdeck to plan ahead. Schedule a few tweets to post automatically throughout the week, then check in periodically whenever you can.

• Use and make use of #hashtags.

One of the biggest advantages of Twitter is the inclusion of #hashtags to parse and sort content. You can use them in order to make your own tweets visible to folks looking for a particular subject or search them yourself to find content you are interested in.

• Start local and expand from there.

Just like in real life, you have a greater chance of getting a new lead in your immediate selling area than on the other side of the world. Actively seek out local twitter users to follow and interact with in order to bolster your local exposure.

• Listen, respond, retweet.

Don’t just talk. Twitter is about having conversations, not giving lectures. If you support, share and promote others, they will be more likely to do the same for you.

Geneva Ives is the marketing writer for Point2.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.

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