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If Everyone Jumped Off the Cliff, Would You, Too?

Part 4 – If Everyone Jumped Off the Cliff, Would You, Too?

In this 4 part series, we’ll discuss in depth the most effective and efficient marketing strategies to reach and engage local buyers and sellers.  To build your brand locally, to get more clients, and to close more sales.  Practical tips that you can implement yourself.  Now.

CliffPicChances are, your mother or father may have said this to you at one time.  They wanted you to know that you didn’t have to always go with the flow, that it was ok to think for yourself and stand out from the crowd.

In marketing your business, standing out from the crowd is, well, pretty much the point.  Many would take this to mean that they need to create marketing campaigns that talk about how they THEMSELVES are different – when what your clients really want to know is how the services you provide THEM are different.

In other words, putting on a funny hat or running your ad upside down may get you remembered, but for what?  Being a clown?  No one wants a clown to help them buy or sell a home.  Maybe to entertain children at a birthday party, but not to handle their real estate needs – completely different skill set.

Totally different skill set

So – how do you stand out?  By providing the services people want – and the ones they don’t know they want yet.

For example – NewPoint Media Group recently surveyed over 2500 homeowners to find out what services they found most valuable in a real estate agent representing them in the sale of their home.  The most important?  Marketing. This is consistent with the National Association of REALTORS® yearly survey of home buyers and sellers.  That research has consistently reached the same conclusion.

When you think about your listing presentation, what does your marketing plan look like?  Does it include –

Local market stats & trends

Stats and trends on similar properties

Information about you and your company

An offer to do a full CMA

Information about your website

A list of numerous websites on which you will place their property

Guess what?  Every agent will show them these same things.

Since we’ve established that the most important thing to a seller is to market their property, why not lead with that?   Add these things –

How you actually ADVERTISE their home.  Putting it on every real estate site on the web is no longer a differentiation for you.  Everyone can do that.  And, that relies on a buyer stumbling across the home while sifting through a sea of online data.

Instead, tell them what you are going to do to reach out and present their home to those with the ability and likelihood to buy it.  Targted direct mail?  Local real estate magazine advertising?  Text codes on the yard sign, brochure, open house flyer, and all ad s – that leads to a single property mobile website?

How about creating property brochures or business cards with their home’s details and a text or QR code that allows the potential buyer to see interior photos and more details on their phone?  Offer to give them a supply to hand out to friends, family, and co-workers.

Send them links via social media to their home’s visual tour on YouTube that they can share with the social sphere.

Offer measurement and reporting on the activity and results of your efforts and let them know they won’t have to call you to find out how open houses or showings went.  You’ll schedule regular calls with them to go over all activity.

Now, you’re starting to stand out – with the things they value the most.

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Real Estate Rates the Market – What Does This Mean to Buyers and Sellers?

by Rebecca Chandler

English: Symbol "thumbs up", great

In April 2013, The Real Estate Book asked a group of real estate professionals across the U.S. about trends they see in their local markets.   Here’s some of what we heard.

While listing inventory was down, many said that sales activity and prices were up.   For sellers, this is very positive news.  For buyers, this means they should consider buying sooner versus later when prices may have climbed even more.

Real estate professionals see these trends continuing through 2013.  When rating their overall outlook for the 2013 market, on a scale of 0-5, with 5 being “excellent,” respondents presented an average of 3.65.  I’d call that a B+.  Here are some of the details of our survey.

Which of the following are the biggest challenges for your personal business today? (choose all that apply)

  • 54% – Low listing inventory
  • 37% – Lending restrictions
  • 22% – Fewer buyers

Which of the following have increased in your market in 2013? (choose all that apply)

  • 59% – Sales activity
  • 43% – Sales prices
  • 33% – First time home buyer activity
  • 29% – Activity in the upper price ranges
  • 20% – Investor activity
  • 13% – Listing inventory

How do you rate your outlook on the market in 2013?

  • 14% – Excellent
  • 50% – Good
  • 24% – Average
  • 12% – Poor
  • 0% – Very Poor

While real estate is a very locally impacted industry and all markets are unique, overall sentiment is positive.

Contact a local real estate professional in your area for local details.



Survey conducted by NewPoint Media Group in April 2013 – 123 respondents.

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Do you want buyers to stroll around the neighborhood or walk through the door?

by Rebecca Chandler

In a recent blog postJohn Packes,  described the difference between “surfing” on the web and “splashing” on mobile.  Basically, when you are on the web on your home computer, you search, visit a site, then search again, find another site – and repeat.  ”Surfing” around the web.  On a mobile site, you are more likely to go directly to the desired information and then leave.  No more searching. “Splash” in and then get out.

There’s another dynamic in relation to the way we search for real estate on the web or on a mobile device.  Let’s call it “searching” vs. “finding.”  When you are on a website,  an app, or a searchable listing site, you are, most likely, strolling through a neighborhood or city, looking at multiple homes and comparing.  However, when you see an printed ad or a sign and you text or scan a code to see a specific home, it’s like you are walking through the door of that home.

That’s a big difference when you are trying to market a listing – or win a listing through your marketing plan.  While other agents simply give a buyer directions to the town or neighborhood to find the seller’s home, you are giving them the keys to the front door and inviting them in to look around.  They are making it more difficult than necessary and you are making it as simple as possible to see the home.

To see a sample of how this works, text T312634 to 85377.  To do this, open the text feature on your phone.  In the “To” field, type in the numbers 85377.  In the message field, type in T312634.  You’ll receive a return text with a link to a sample property from The Real Estate Book’s mobile site. This is what the consumer experiences when they see this code in an ad, on a sign, or on a flyer or brochure.   As an agent, you get an immediate text notification that someone is interested in the home – and you get their phone number so you can text or call them back as a follow up.

To learn more, speak with your local Real Estate Book representative or go to http://mediakit.realestatebook.com/

Or – join us for a live webinar on Thursday, May 9th from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EDT.  Register here.

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