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Marketing Strategies: Are You a Salesperson or Are You a Service Person?

By Dr. Maya Bailey

When you are doing your real estate business, do you feel more like a “salesperson” or more like a “service person”? What do you think the difference is for your business? Do you think it makes any difference at all?

What I’ve discovered in my 15+ years of coaching real estate agents to achieve multiple six-figure incomes, is that it makes a lot of difference. And here’s why:

Here’s the problem with thinking of yourself as a “salesperson.”

1. If you were raised in America, then you undoubtedly had a childhood in which you experienced salespeople coming to the door. How did your parents react to that? What kind of comments that they make about salespeople?

Did you get the feeling that sales was a respectable profession?

Or did you get the message that salespeople were a bother and to be avoided?

If we are honest with ourselves, most of us will remember that salespeople were looked down upon. The next thing you know you’re in a career called real estate and selling is part of your job. Or is it?

2. Did you know that people like to buy but they don’t want to be “sold”? If they think they are being “sold” it makes them suspicious and they have trouble believing that you have their best interests at heart. They even feel manipulated.

Rather than welcome you, they will try to avoid you.

3. When we feel as if we are selling, it destroys our confidence. Clients can feel it and we can feel it and it lowers our self-esteem. No one wants to think of themselves as a sales man.

On the other hand, if your focus is on being of service, there are distinct advantages:

1. We will feel like the “giver” and picking up the phone becomes easy and effortless. If we are clear that our job is to be of service, and that takes us out of the role of the “Taker” and into the role of the “Giver.”

2. When we realize that we want to help people with their real estate needs then we do not have to experience rejection. In fact rejection does not exist. It’s either a match or it’s not a match. If the real estate service that you offer matches what your prospective client needs then you have created a transaction. If it doesn’t match, you are not being rejected; you don’t have to take it personally.

I often tell my clients to say this to themselves before they get on the phone:

“I have a valuable service to offer and people are lucky to hear from me.”

3. The other advantage of focusing on service and not sales; is that you are more in alignment with yourself. You probably got into the real estate business because you like help people and it’s distasteful to you when you turn people into dollar signs.

When you focus on service you will feel good about yourself. This good feeling will be felt by your clients. They will be automatically attracted to want to work with you because they know you have their best interests at heart.

The Bottom line is this: remember not to focus on sales, but on service. You will have all the sales that you need and feel good about yourself in the process.

Dr. Maya Bailey, Multiple 6 Figure Income Business Coach for Real Estate Professionals, integrates her 20 years of experience as a psychologist with 15 years of expertise in marketing.

For more information, visit www.90daystomoreclients.com.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2013. All rights reserved.

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The Most Crucial Mistake You Can Make When Listings Are Low

Scott Dixon, CEO, NewPoint Media Group

When listings are low, competition for listings is high. Why do some agents thrive in this environment and others see their business dwindle? Many make a crucial mistake.

They assume that since their listing inventory is low, they should reduce their advertising. After all, they have less to advertise. This is because they assume that the goal of their advertising is to reach buyers and sell their current inventory.

They forget that a major goal of their advertising is to gain and retain listings.

Referral and repeat clients cannot sustain an agent’s business. The 2011 National Association of REALTORS®(NAR) Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers study indicates that on average, 39% of seller clients were referrals, down from 41% in 2010. Repeat seller business was about 22%. That means that about 40% of sellers found their agent through advertising – and those agents who are advertising can take 40% of your business.

One of the downfalls of relying only on the web for your leads is that exposure is driven by listing content. The more listings you have on the web, the more likely a consumer is to stumble across you using search or on a listing aggregate site. For many agents, this is their total marketing plan and as their listings sell, they have fewer and fewer listings to use in their advertising and so begins a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Consider this – how are you advertising to gain listings? Here are 6 steps to shifting your advertising to help you win and keep listings.

  1. Know what kind of listings you want. In what area of town? What type of property? What’s your specialty? Focusing your efforts will help you achieve focused results. Think this through and focus.
  2. Advertise the listings you have so that they (and you) stand out. Take good photography and spread it around – on the web, in a local magazine, flyers, post cards, emails. Make your advertising an example of what you will and can do for the home seller. You are a professional home seller. Advertise it.
  3. Advertise for the type of listings you’d like to get. This is where local print can really help you stand out. Running photos of popular subdivision signs, golf courses, waterfront locations, farmland, or urban skylines will generate interest from both buyers and sellers who have property in these areas. If they perceive that you are a specialist in the type of property they have to sell, they are more likely to call you – over just about anyone else.
  4. Put your advertising plan in your listing plan. Your listing presentation is your chance to differentiate yourself from other agents. The agent who promises to advertise the seller’s home in print, on the web, direct mail, and through mobile tools like text and QR codes will win every time over the agent with a minimal advertising plan for the home. If you were selling your home, which would you prefer?
  5. Find an advertising partner that offers a comprehensive advertising package and don’t be afraid to disclose your budget. Many assume that the type of advertising described here would be incredibly expensive – and you may think it’s outside your budget. Talk to a multi-media provider like The Real Estate Book about your budget and your goals. You’ll be surprised at how affordable multi-media advertising can be. The Real Estate Book multi-media packages include an interactive local print ad, premium web exposure, single property websites, agent mobile website, text code lead generation, QR codes, and social integration – all inclusive with no additional charges – and there are packages for any budget.
  6. Gain market share – While competing agents in your market hide and wait for buyers and sellers to stumble upon them while searching online, your advertising will reach out and find sellers and buyers for you. And you can take 40% of their business – and more.
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