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5 Signs You’re Ready to List Your Home

By Courtney Soinski

Do you ever find your thoughts going back and forth about whether or not to sell your home? ­As you contemplate your decision, there are many factors to consider, including the current state of the real estate market as well as your lifestyle and financial situation.

After years of housing recovery, we are continuing to experience a shortage of inventory among homes for sale in today’s real estate market. Fortunately for you, it’s a total seller’s market right now. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, there was a recent 6.1 percent increase of existing-home sales. This is the highest annual rate since September of 2013. Here are 5 signs it’s time to sell your home.

1. You’re running out of living space.

If you’re getting frustrated because you are feeling overcrowded in your home, or if you don’t have enough space for guests to sleep, then you may be ready to sell. Maybe your kids are outgrowing their rooms (literally) or you’re thinking about adding to your family. These are also signs that it’s about that time.

2. You’re not emotionally attached to your home anymore.

As you start going through the selling process, things will be a lot more difficult for you and your REALTOR® if you still have some sort of emotional attachment to your home. Being this connected decreases the likelihood that you’ll even want to listen to the real estate agent’s advice. In order to sell, you need to be able to view your house as a product.

3. You can afford it.

This is one of most significant factors when it comes to selling your home and moving somewhere else. Are you financially ready to make the leap? Review all costs and expenses related to selling, including moving costs, as well as the down payment and closing costs on your new home. Most importantly, have a game plan.

4. Your equity is a force to be reckoned with.

Ever since the housing market crashed, homeowners now have a tendency to be skeptical about putting their home on the market to sell. Thankfully, real estate has come back in full force. Increasing numbers of homeowners are getting their positive equity back and negative equity rates are at their lowest since 2012. Now is the perfect time to see where your equity stands. Do some research and have your home reappraised.

5. You are ready to make your decision.

Making the decision to sell your home can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. By partnering with a trustworthy real estate professional, you’ll get the honesty and expert advice that will make the selling process a breeze. By considering all factors and working closely with a pro, you’ll be able to decide what is best for you and your family.

So, the choice is yours. Are you ready to list your home?

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Strong Branding Paves the Way for Successful Lead Generation.

by Courtney Soinski

agentThere are specific qualities that buyers and sellers look for most in a real estate agent – reasons why they hire – or do not hire specific agents.  When you think about your marketing strategy – and specifically, your personal brand, are you promoting your commitment to those things that are most important to your prospective customers?

According to the 2013 National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, these are the top qualities they look for in a real estate professional:

  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Good reputation
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of the neighborhood
  • Caring personality and good listener
  • Timely with responses
  • Accessibility through technology like a tablet or smartphone

In today’s tech-driven world, we rely more on virtual or digital contact with each other and experience less personal face-to-face contact.  But, in the most important and valuable transaction we make – buying or selling a home – having a strong personal connection with a real estate professional is highly desired as indicated by the NAR research.

The research strongly supports authenticity as the key to a strong and reliable personal brand.  It’s the experience and quality that people look for in Realtors® when buying or selling their home – They want someone with a good reputation, proven track record, and honesty.  By building these qualities into your marketing strategy, you will build trust among buyers and sellers, which will ultimately strengthen your personal brand and strong branding paves the way for successful lead generation.

Many agents rely on their listings for 100% of their marketing program, but placing your listings on the web does little to convey your personal brand to prospective clients. As buyers and sellers are attracted to real estate agents who will negotiate better sales contract terms, provide a better list of service providers, and overall shorten the buying or selling process, for example, they look for this type of information in selecting the agent who will represent them.  By promoting these qualities, you will help develop an even stronger reputation as a real estate professional, more credibility and, ultimately, more clients.

What are some of the best ways to promote your personal brand?

Advertising and engagement.

There are two sets of clients that you are trying to reach.  Those who know you and those who don’t.  Advertising your brand, including the most important qualities introduces you to those clients who don’t know you – yet.  And including your website, social media links, phone number, email address, vanity code, mobile business card, etc., gives them the opportunity to begin engaging with you in a virtual or digital sense – that will lead them to becoming comfortable to meeting you – live and in person.

Studies show that consumers want both online and offline interaction.  Make sure that your marketing strategies cover both.

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New Distributor Keith Goforth takes over The Real Estate Book® of Coachella Valley, CA

Local owner of awarded creative design firm adds interactive print and digital real estate advertising to business portfolio. 


LAWRENCEVILLE, GA, June 20, 2014 The Real Estate Book®, the nation’s most established brand for marketing homes for sale, has announced a new independent distributor for the Coachella Valley, CA and Southern California desert market.  The advertising vehicle offers real estate agents in over 300 markets in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean, highly targeted local advertising tools and nationwide market exposure via integrated marketing packages that include mobile, digital and traditional media.

“We’re really excited that Keith Goforth has stepped up to the Riverside County territory.   Our client relationships have been strong there and Keith’s expertise and background in media, design, and advertising add a new dimension of options for real estate professionals in the area,” said Scott Dixon, CEO of NewPointMedia Group, publishers of The Real Estate Book®/RealEstateBook.com.

Mr. Goforth’s professional background includes: being a top performing sales and marketing professional with a 20+ year proven track record at accelerating revenue growth, market share and profitability. Bringing a unique combination of business acumen, real estate, financial expertise and common sense to produce top-line sales and bottom line results. Mr. Goforth has had extensive achievements in the full scope of B2B and B2C sales and marketing, with a natural talent for identifying and maximizing new business opportunities and enhancing business development. He is a energetic key relationship builder with a career long record of negotiating and closing high-value sales agreements with leading retailers, distributors, suppliers, agents/brokers and top key executives alike. He is a collaborative leader, trainer and team builder, producing top performing employees and teams whilst ensuring outstanding customer relations at all times.

“Today, more than ever, it’s important to really market a home to sell it quickly and for the best price,” added Rebecca Chandler, Vice President of Marketing for the brand. “The multi-media marketing tools provided by The Real Estate Book® along with Keith’s professional experience have created a powerful offering for real estate professionals and the home sellers they represent.  Our clients are top agents and they look for the best.  I think we’ve hit a home run here for both.”

Distributors in over 300 markets across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean are working closely with the local real estate community to publish homes for sale in a locally distributed homes magazine, on the web, and through mobile marketing tools like text codes and QR codes placed on sign riders in front of the home.

“I’m really looking forward to expanding the publications reach with our new mobile and online multimedia marketing offering available here locally to the real estate community, what a game changer for agents/brokers to be better able to build their brand, win more listings and sell more homes.” Goforth said.

For advertising information, contact:
Keith Goforth, Owner/Managing Editor
760.895.2055, TREBpublications@gmail.com


About NewPoint Media Group

NewPoint Media Group, LLC ™ specializes in targeted media solutions that include both print and digital distribution to create integrated advertising and marketing services that amplify overall effectiveness and results.  Leading brands include The Real Estate Book, Mature Living Choices, Senior Living Choices, New Home Finder, New Homes & Ideas, and New Homes Journal.  In addition, the Company’s Publications Print Division provides these services to a variety of industries.   The Company specializes in integrating print and digital media to effectively reach and engage a targeted consumer audience through local print distribution, web, mobile, direct mail, and social outlets.  For more information, visit NewPointMediaGroup.com.


Rebecca Chandler, VP, Marketing
NewPointMedia Group
770-962-7220 ext. 24672, rchandler@NewPointMediaGroup.com

Patrick J. McGroder, VP, Market Development
NewPoint Media Group
2305 Newpoint Parkway
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
cell: 704.657.3886, pmcgroder@NewPointMediaGroup.com

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