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The Three-Step Mobile Checklist

smartphoneBy Courtney Soinski

Now more than ever, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t have their mobile phone next to them or within reaching distance. With the help of mobile technology, people can get the answers they’re looking for in seconds. Mobile technology is all about “instant gratification” and it’s become a basic expectation in today’s fast-paced, constantly-connected world.

The same can be said when we look at the real estate industry. When potential buyers are out and about, they want answers, they want them now, and they use their mobile device to get those answers, instantly.

As we immerse ourselves in the era of mobile technology, it’s easy to see that these devices are having an effect on how we interact in the world, have relationships, and do business. We can definitely see these trends as the real estate industry embraces a new consumer: a mobile consumer.

There are three things these mobile consumers rely on:

  1. connectivity,
  2. convenience,
  3. and access.

They not only expect to get information via mobile, but they are expecting to communicate with businesses from whom they buy a product or service.

According to the Google & Compete Home Shopper Mobile Survey, it was reported that 89% of home shoppers use mobile search at the onset of looking for a home and throughout their research. Meanwhile, 68% of are using mobile applications throughout their home search.

New home research happens on the go. In fact, 31% of home shoppers research on their mobile devices at work, 77% at their current house, 28% while waiting in line, 27% at a restaurant, and 26% at other peoples’ homes.

And, mobile is still evolving. We can expect to see many more ways of interacting with consumers will arise as we progress in technology and thriving businesses like real estate.


Real estate professionals trying to reach this target audience now have to incorporate mobile into their marketing and overall business strategy. Here are 3 easy steps to put your mobile plan in action.

  1. Look for a solid and stable mobile service provider that you can rely upon to be in business and up to date on technology years from now. Let them take care of keeping your mobile plan updated. That’s what you pay them to do.
  1. Integrate mobile into all your marketing. Include a call to action on all your advertising to text to receive more information, visit your mobile site or download your app. These types of messaging should now be on your business card, your postcards, flyers, print ads, listing presentations, billboards, etc., etc. – basically, anywhere you’d put your phone number or email address should now include a mobile call to action.
  1. Put your mobile plan into your listing presentation. Chances are, your seller now expect it.

Need more information on creating a mobile marketing plan? Contact your local Real Estate Book representative.


Source: Google & Compete New Home Shopper Mobile Survey

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How to Mix Old Treasures and New Trends at Home

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest changes in decorating styles at home, but an increasingly popular design trend may ease the burden, especially if you’ve kept some family treasures around. Designers are now focused on keeping those traditional accents, furniture pieces or wallpaper and blending them with clean, bright, contemporary elements.

You, too, can incorporate this style in any room of the home, allowing you to display grandmother’s mirror or repurpose aged marble countertops. Use these tips to get the most out of the old and usher in the new:

ffc604efe57f0ddfd31f981f1ccd531aAccent with white

A great way to give an outdated room a contemporary balance is to accent with white on trim, molding, doors or decorative linens. Blending the soft wood tones of older furniture or dark wood floors with fresh white accents will make the room pop, breathing new life into a treasured heirloom piece you’ve had in your family for years. You can achieve a similar effect in your kitchen with stainless steel finishes.

windowAdd small, vintage touches

Think of ways to repurpose older items. An old six-paned window with cracked and worn wood can become a frame for family photos. Wood from an old barn can be used for a coffee table or fireplace mantel. Mix up the chairs around your dining room table by blending both modern and contemporary styles. These small changes showcase two distinctive styles that work seamlessly together.

focalIncorporate focal points

If the shell of your room has a contemporary look, add a few traditional elements as conversation pieces. An antique lamp, an old trunk that becomes a side table or a church pew in an entryway can all be attention-getting additions. On the flipside, if your home features traditional wooden floors that have aged beautifully, let the floor take center stage with simple, modern decorations.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.

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Stay Productive with Smart Home Office Design

Whoever first said, “You can’t go home again,” probably wasn’t considering the 38 million home-based businesses in the United States, or the approximately 37 million households that have active home offices.  This is especially evident among real estate professionals.

It’s not just small business owners or lucky full-time employees who are working from home, either; the Bureau of Labor Statistics says 24 percent of people employed outside the home work at home at least some of the time. If you’re poised to become home-based, here are some things to consider as you’re putting your home office in order:

Location is key

Without the need to fight rush-hour traffic during a twice-daily commute, you may think the location of your home office isn’t that important. Actually, it is. Where your office is located in your home can affect your productivity and even your personal life.

Choose a room that’s in your home’s heavy traffic lanes, and you could face frequent interruptions. Park your desk in the game room over the garage and you may feel isolated from the rest of the house. Try to stuff a desk in a corner of your bedroom and you’ll spend most of your life stuck in the same room – you may even feel less inclined to sleep there if you’re always working in your bedroom.

You’ll need to balance personal and professional priorities in order to decide which room in the house makes the most sense for your home office.

Good lighting sets the stage for success

The harshness of artificial lighting is a common complaint among people working in offices outside the home. A window in one’s office has long been a sign of prestige in cities across the country, and having abundant natural light in a home office is one of the many advantages of working from home. Natural lighting has a mood-boosting impact that’s been well-documented, making office workers feel happier, healthier and more productive. What’s more, use of natural light can help reduce reliance on artificial lighting and trim utility bills accordingly.

Furnishings create a foundation

Considering how much time you’ll spend in your home office, it’s important to invest in furnishings that will be functional, comfortable, inspiring and in step with your lifestyle.

If you prefer to sit while you work on a computer, the comfort of your office chair will be key. Prefer to get in a bit of healthful exercise while you work? Consider an ergonomic desk that allows you to stand while you type. Many versions of standing desks also can be lowered for use while seated.

Desks should incorporate storage and easy access to electronic components. Be sure your furniture choices not only fit your needs, but the room’s needs too. A huge desk may make you feel like a Wall Street CEO, but your enjoyment will evaporate if you don’t have space to walk around the desk in a small office. It’s important to keep office furniture appropriate to the scale of the room you’ll be working in.

Ensuring your home office is set up to inspire can help you achieve greater productivity and satisfaction as you work from home.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.

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