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How to Make Your Bedroom Feel like a Five-Star Hotel

By Rachel Collar

image1_article2_iss.19Nothing compares to the feeling of checking into an upscale hotel. You slide the room key in and open the door with great anticipation and high hopes to rest your weary traveler bones. What awaits you is better than you could have dreamed. A decadent combination of style and comfort folds out before your eyes, filling your senses, and inviting you to live like royalty during your stay. While you enjoy the bliss of this pampered accommodation, it is only a temporary retreat.  By the end of your stay, you may find yourself wondering why your own boudoir does not hold the same intrigue and splendor. With a small investment and thoughtful details, you can bask in complete serenity every time you enter your bedroom.

To begin transforming your space into a five-star destination, you must first remove all excess clutter that does not promote relaxation. Separate items into categories and disperse around the house into a new location. Next, create or purchase storage options that remove the mess from sight.  If you must have your office in your bedroom, try and contain the area to one corner or wall while keeping it neat and contained.  Shelves should be sparse and not crammed with objects.

Consider the space you are working with. Can furniture be reconfigured in a more relaxing or simplified manner? Is there excess furniture that is really not needed in the room? The less furniture, the more open and spacious the room will feel. Make sure the scale of the furnishings are appropriate for their location. The bed should be the focal point and easy to get into. Flank the bed with night time lighting using either matching lamps on nightstands or installed sconces above the headboard. Keep draperies simple and make sure they can be pulled back. Most importantly, do not cover the windows with large pieces of furniture. Letting the sunlight in and enjoying the view are part of life’s small delights.

The wall colors you select are essential companions to your lighting. Keep tones soft and muted for a peaceful vibe that promotes clear thinking and restful nights. Consider buying a trendy metallic removable wallpaper for a fun accent wall.  Your hotel bedroom is not complete without fine art, or at least some really great imitation fine art. This is simple to achieve and may involve items you already own. Black and white landscape prints can be framed and matted to create a streamlined and subdued tone of artwork. Use magazine photos of travel and cultured settings to save money.  Keep frames simple and coordinating to ensure a seamless look.


If your bedroom is a gourmet cake, then your textiles are the rich frosting on top. The bedding that you choose should be nothing less than spectacular. The finest hotels often have bedding that is almost completely white or tan with textured throw pillows. Do not settle for a thread count less than 500 on your sheets and try bamboo cotton for a truly delicious feel that keeps you cool while you sleep. Hold your pillow in your hand and ask yourself if you have feelings of complete bliss or indifference towards it. I am serious. You should L-O-V-E your pillow. If you do not, ditch it and get a new one. Your five-star bed must be like a cloud that you cannot wait to sink into. Unless you are buying furniture, the bedding is where to put your money.


A small and plush seating area is a great way to create boudoir bliss. A soft chair next to a window where you can snuggle into a good book; A loveseat adorned in pillows to take a moment and breathe in the morning or enjoy a glass of wine at night. The most fabulous hotels excel at creating these moments of comfort by using well designed seating areas. Remember to keep color and print muted and use texture in fabrics to create depth and luxury. The addition of this opulent element will turn your bedroom into a destination that you can enjoy all day long and not just at bedtime.

image4_article2_iss.19Indulgence is often experienced when all five senses are employed. The eye takes in the simple elegance of the neutral palette and soft colors, while touch is fulfilled with those high thread count sheets and luxurious throw pillows. Take time to add the ambiance of music to please the ears. Light a scented candle or use an essential oil diffuser to fill the room with the aroma of relaxation. As for taste, clearly this decadently decorated retreat is oozing with great taste, but go ahead and order some strawberries and champagne to seal the deal. Sure, you may have to double as room service, but you will never have to pack up and leave this five-star accommodation.


Sources: www.pinterest.com , www.fivestaralliance.com , www.freshhome.com


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DIY Home Office Storage & Organization Solutions

By Rebecca Bradshaw

shutterstock_421458340Are piles of papers, half-finished projects, and overflowing files keeping you from getting anything accomplished in your home office? Control the chaos with these quick and easy DIY home office storage and organization solutions.

Tidy up your desk:

Start your organizing project at command central—your desk. If you are like most of us, a large part of your desktop is taken up by a computer. Keep wires and USB cables out of the way and tangle free by attaching binder clips to the side of the desk and threading the wires through the top metal tab of the clip. Keep pens, staplers, and other much used tools within easy reach by creating DIY caddies out of repurposed containers such as mason jars or coffee cups. Organize bills into “Paid” and “Due” categories in labeled letter holders or wire kitchen racks that will fit on your desktop or that can be affixed to the wall above your desk.

Get your papers in order:

Before you begin organizing those piles of papers, you have to first know what’s in them. Purge, and divide into categories such as “home repair,” “kids,” and “future projects.” File papers neatly away in labeled folders which can be kept in storage boxes or magazine holders on open shelving; an inexpensive bookshelf painted to match your office décor works well. Deep, lidded baskets make a great storage solution for papers—fill with labeled file hangers to hold your paperwork, and store the baskets under the desk. Keep priority “to do” files close at hand by placing them in wall pockets or racks hung near your workstation.

Straighten up those drawers:

A little clutter goes a long way when it comes to home office chaos, and nowhere is that more true than in desk drawers. Just like your paperwork, drawers should be purged before they are organized. Designate specific drawers for office or school supplies, and use kitchen utensil holders or muffin tins to separate clips, push pins, and other items. Drawer organizing solutions meant for clothing, such as expandable holders for socks, work just as well with office supplies. Not enough drawers in your office? Recycle a small dresser or nightstand to double as office furniture; paint or refinish to suit your style.

Stay on track:

Are you perpetually late to appointments or do your kids constantly forget to turn in their homework? Use your newly organized home office to help your family stay on track. Label clips or clothes pins with the days of the week, and hang them on a cord within your line of sight. Attach notes to the appropriate day’s clip with appointment times, phone numbers, and other necessary information needed for the day. To make sure everyone walks out the door in the morning with all of their homework, permission slips, and other projects, cover clipboards in bright contact paper to hold each family member’s work, and hang them on the door of your home office—no more lost papers, and the clipboards look stylish as well!


Sources: Lifehack, Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart

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Coffee Table Design on a Budget

By Elliot Johnson
shutterstock_343383083The coffee table is an important part of decorating your home. This piece of furniture needs to be fashionable yet functional with a lasting and durable stay in your home. It’s something that becomes a part of your family, so it needs to fit your lifestyle. From getting the first glimpse of your child’s art work to hearing the laughs and giggles of a dinner conversation as your family shares a meal around it, your coffee table plays central station to many of your family’s happenings. Whether it be a game night with your friends or a spot to prop your feet on after a long day at work, you will want your coffee table to be accessible and practical for your every need.

Choosing this perfect piece of furniture takes time and a lot of thought. How do you decide on the coffee table that perks and keeps your interest, fulfills yours family’s needs and matches the characteristics of your home? You may come across many dilemmas while choosing the right coffee table to fit your family and home, but one of the main problems you may come across is finding the perfect piece within your budget.

After figuring out what you will use the coffee table for, the style(s) you would like to look for, and the size that fits your space, decide how much money you want to spend on this piece of furniture. Since it will probably be the most used piece in your living room, you might want to splurge just a little, but that doesn’t mean the perfect coffee table has to break the bank. It just means that you may need to spend a little extra time finding your table, and you may have to use some elbow grease to get it exactly how you want.

shutterstock_289819505Here are a few factors you may want to consider before buying your new coffee table…
  1. Resale shops

Resale shops are a great place to find many unique items. You may have to put forth a little labor with cleaning and possibly painting the coffee table you find, but you won’t be sorry. You might actually feel a sense of pride as you show off your hard work!

  1. Antique Shops

If you are looking for a classic style, try looking in antique shops. You may think an antique piece of furniture will be too much for your budget, but shop smart. Usually, smaller towns and cities will have antique shops that hold so many gems that have been overlooked. The prices are usually more reasonable, and don’t be afraid to bargain! Remember, the worst thing the shop owner can say is, “No.” The exploration may take a little longer, but it is well worth it to have a piece of furniture on display in your home that has a history and story to tell in its past.

  1. DIY

Do it yourself projects can be fun for the whole family. You can even get the kids involved. These kinds of projects leave you with a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. If you don’t know a lot about DIY projects or maybe you are not the DIY type, no worries! There are several websites you can utilize that will give you step-by-step instructions and a list of items to purchase to get the job done. And, once again, you can proudly show off your create design and DIY talents to all who visit your home.

In the process to finding the right coffee table for your home, don’t forget that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate your living room with a piece of furniture that you can use efficiently and be proud of.

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