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Confessions of a Real Estate Junkie/The zone

By NPMGAdmin

The Zone: I've purchased and sold about a half dozen homes in my 54 years on this planet. Starting with my first home, my then fiancee and now wife, bought in 1979 in Framingham, Massachusetts. I was 24 and we put everything we had into this house. Four or five years later, our first child came along and we needed a bigger place. So after a lot of dreaming and thinking and researching about where we wanted to live, we bought a bigger home. Four or five years later, my company relocated me from Boston to Atlanta so we made that move. That was a big one.

Then a vacation/investment home in Florida in 2005, which I wrote about in an earlier blog and a home in Massachusetts in 2006, that I was fortunate to have gifted to me.

Whenever I get past the conversation/thinking stage and enter the serious stage of buying or selling a home, I call this stage "the zone". When I'm in "the zone", anything and everything can influence me.

Advice from a great Real Estate Professional would certainly top the list, but there is more. Neighbors, friends, familiy, internet searches, local real estate magazines, the local newspaper and riding through the streets of town. I don't think I'm that different than anyone else considering one of the largest investments of their life. Other buyers and sellers behave this way too, I believe.

Recently I've come across a number of articles talking about the new internet only buyer and even the new internet only Real Estate Agent. These articles suggest to Real Estate Agents that the internet experience is so rich and complete, that the connection between buyer and seller just kinds of falls into place on its own. Further, that since 80%+ of home buyers are on the internet at some point in their home search, that by putting all their marketing dollars in that bucket, they'll reach everyone worth talking to.

How simple, and how silly.

All Agents worth their salt realize that buying and selling a home is a very emotional and multi-dimensional process that takes place over time; a month or two in the good old days and many months at the current time. During that time sellers and buyers, like me and maybe like you, are naturally and rightfully influenced by anything and everything that comes in their view; inlcuding but certianly not limited to the internet.

Smart Agents sprinkle their maketing dollars across mutliple media and avoid the all my eggs in one basket approach.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about "the zone" and whether you've had this same experience.

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