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More Confessions of a Real Estate Junkie

By NPMGAdmin

Place making and town planning. These are two concepts inextricably linked to a hot new kind of real estate development referred to as New Urbanism. I am totally captivated by this movement. There is perhaps no area of the Country where this concept is being realized more fully than the area known as Scenic route 30A along the emerald coast of northwest Florida. Along this 25 mile two lane road, which runs alongside the Gulf of Mexico, there are five or ten extraordinarily well executed communities, developed largely in the New Urbanism style.

Small lots with front facing porches near the street curb. High density yet human in scale and pedistrian oriented, with a sensible mix of retail and entertainment all offered inside the community, creating an amazingly fresh and distinct alternative to traditonal resdiential real estate development patterns. And it fits so well into the green movement and the move towards highly sustainable communities.

I had the good fortune in July of 2005 (peak of the U.S. housing market in terms of units sold, but who knew?) to purchase a home in one of these communities. My home is the smallest in one of the more reasonably priced communities, but I have enjoyed it immensely. Perfect, especially for a vacation home.

For those of you for whom this concept is still new, check out this website: www.alysbeach.com and click on the video button to experience one of the finer such communities along 30A.

Enjoy the video. I'd love to hear any of your comments.

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