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Social media can amplify marketing, Carat CEO says

By MKTG_Admin

An interesting Q&A with Martin Cass, the recently-appointed CEO of Carat’s U.S. operations on AdAge that’s worth taking a moment to read. Cass shares a good overview of the state of the advertising business today. A particularly interesting moment is Cass’ perspective on the impact of social media to marketing programs.

The idea of earned media — where users share your message with their own network of connections — is becoming more broadly accepted. The techniques for driving this sharing have to focus on content that creates the impetus for engagement.

clipped from adage.com

Ad Age: Sarah Fay’s big push was on social media. What did you learn from that and how much did it change your thinking about planning media buys?

Martin Cass: The really interesting thing about social and the vehicle that carries it is this idea of earned media — the idea that in the social world you can get pass on and that can incrementally increase your reach and effect. This whole principal of bought, earned and owned media is going to be a really powerful model for the future, and social is one big chunk of it. But it’s how do you ensure that your message is amplified through pass on and how do you get that to happen? And the digital and social-media world is definitely the place to do that with scale.

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