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A nuts and bolts approach to building a social media footprint

By MKTG_Admin

A good website, and even a moderately active blog, isn't the solution to making an internet marketing program work. Nor is investment in Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization.

The key is building a social media footprint, says Mark Hayward in a guest post for ProBlogger.


You have a polished website for your small business and even a professional blog where you publish posts a couple of times per week, and both are meant to help spread your story and bring more sales.

However, you are a bit frustrated because based on your initially optimistic website and blog marketing expectations, for some reason the customers just aren’t coming.

Hayward's epiphany was recognizing that creating a social footprint would increase awareness among consumers and traffic to his site. Both of those would be good thing.

The ultimate goal is to establish the online identity of your small business and to proactively manage your reputation.

If for nothing more than the simple fact that, the more locations we (the customers) can find you, the more we can begin to understand and trust what you’re about. The end result being, we are more likely to purchase your goods or services.

Hayward lists five easy steps to building the social footprint. The key is consistency: once you start, you've got to maintain the presence. Think of it as constant outreach into your market. That's the critical component to success.

You can find Hayward's post here.

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