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Google Sent Me Mail

By Rebecca Chandler

I received an interesting piece of mail with a special offer the other day.  Not something particuarly out of the ordinary . .  . except for the source -- Google.  And I couldn't help but ask myself, "Why would the world's largest search engine need to send me direct mail?  Isn't all print dead?"  And, while I am online constantly  (I use two laptops, a Blackberry and an iPhone so I can multi-task), I stopped, opened the envelope, read the letter and special offer and kept it to investigate further.

Google Brochure

The envelope included a personalized letter, a brochure and a coupon perforated so I could punch it out and hold on to it for future use - multiplying the number of impressions for that one message. 


Why would Google send me mail?  I have a gmail account, an iGoogle page, the iPhone app, etc., etc.  They certainly know who I am and I certainly know them.  But familiarity was not enough.  Rather than relying on me to go online and seek out the details of this special offer, they interrupted my day with a tangible message - an active campaign versus a passive one.  Oddly enough, they want me to buy AdWords for my passive campaign, yet used an active one to solicit me.

Is your advertising active or passive?  Fleeting  in a single click?  Or a lasting impression that works for you over and over again?  

Food for thought . . . . what's on your desk?

Google Brochure

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