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By NPMGAdmin

I've read a lot lately in the real estate industry press about the Internet replacing print. The key advantages to the Internet appear to be ease of posting content, wide distribution and a very low cost. All pretty compelling advantages, without a doubt.

But if we stop for a moment and think about this from a home sellers perspective, the story gets more interesting. And after all, the home seller is paying the real estate commission that essentially funds the marketing of the home, so we do need to listen carefully.

As it turns out, home sellers have high expectations that the agent they engage to sell their home at the highest price possible and as quickly as possible, will avail themselves of all the tools available to reach local and out of town buyers. And they can get very serious about it. I call it the "home seller zone". Once they get in the zone, it consumes them. It dominates their thoughts, their conversations with others, and as time passes their expectations of their agent.

Those expectations include Internet exposure, but in a recent survey by a firm out of New York, it also includes the use of open houses, ad placement in local home magazines, flyer's, direct mail etc. In other words, marketing.

Industry insiders know what NAR just confirmed in their 2009 Home Buyers Report, that more than 80% of buyers move less than twelve miles. There is a strong chance the buyer will live very close by and will be influenced by many local outreach vehicles, as well as the Internet.

Home sellers seem to intuitively get the fact the buyer of their home may live around the corner, or a town or two away. As such, these buyers can be guided and influenced by locally distributed housing magazines as they go about their business of shopping, working and playing.

I believe smart agents understand this too. This home seller research will be available by the middle of February for anyone who wants it. Just drop me a note and I'll be more than happy to send it your way.

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