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The Home Seller's April Fool's Joke

By Rebecca Chandler

Happy April Fool's Day!

Seller to agent -- "It's ok.  Let my home sit on the market as long as it takes.  Use whatever free, cheap and easy ways you can to market it.  It's unimportant to me that you expose it to as many local and out of market home buyers as possible.  Just put it in the MLS and then blog about yourself.  I didn't hire you for your marketing skillls.  I hired you because you're cool."

April Fool's. 

I recently attended a conference at which one speaker actually said that sellers didn't care about the agent's marketing program for their home.  The agent's reputation was more important.  In my past 16 years in real estate and real estate advertising, I can assure you, that has not been my experience.

Think about it.  Your home is for sale.  You are paying a trained and licensed professional thousands of dollars to help you sell it.  Really?  Really?  What would you expect? 

Quite frankly, in addition to helping me price and prepare my home for sale, I'd expect them to market my home.  I'd expect them to market it to buyers with the ability and likelihood to purchase it.  I'd expect my agent to make a personal and financial investment in helping to sell my home.  Then, I'd expect them to negotiate on my behalf and guide me through to the closing.  I'd expect them to help me sell as quickly as possible, for as much as possible, and as painlessly as possible.  And I'd think that a licensed professional would give me a reasonable expectation of exactly what that would entail in today's market.  If they want to blog about that, I'm all ears.

In January 2010, NCI conducted a study of home sellers.  They told us that marketing was the number one reason they selected an agent.   It was the number three reason they fired their agent or let the listing expire and gave it to another agent.  When looking for an agent, sellers first noticed agents who were advertising, followed by the type of home that they were advertising and if those homes were similar to the one they were trying to sell. 

In other words, if you don't think sellers don't care about marketing and advertising, I'm afraid you're being fooled.

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