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By NPMGAdmin

If you're like many Real Estate Agents, you may have just finished up your 2009 tax preparation. Or maybe, you're still working on them and considering filing for an extension.


In an interesting way, tax time, as painful as it is, also gives us another opportunity, like the new year, to resolve to do things differently, better in the year ahead. There is something powerful about putting all the numbers together on one summary sheet; gross commissions from your Form 1099, and then all your various expenses to make you stop and think.

Especially that 1099 form. In 2009, many agents saw a 25% to 50% drop in commissions as compared to their best year. They've been aware, certainly, of their lowered standard of living, but seeing the numbers in black and white makes it somehow more real.

It's at this point that most Agents decree, I'll do better in the coming year. That sense of optimism is both healthy and commendable, but I think it's going to take more than just that to make it so.

What if there was a better approach to help ensure that, in fact 2010 was a more fruitful year in terms of earnings for you?

Recently, we developed a simple business planning tool called The Income Based Approach to Real Estate Marketing.  Many Real Estate Brokers around the Country have commented that it is one of the most logical, well organized and common sense approaches they have seen. It's a simple, four step program that basically takes the approach a financial planner would take with you when helping you plan for your retirement. Only it's easier because we're only asking you to look one year out, not many.

This tool, which is made up of a booklet and down-loadable worksheets, is available to you for free. You can download the worksheets so you put in your own numbers and customize the plan for your business and also order a physical copy of the booklet if you'd like.

This tool is available at http://www.realestatebookmediakit.com/income

If you have questions or comments you can reach out to me via this blog or email me at scottsdixon@gmail.com

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