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Rebound? What Rebound? There's a Rebound?

By Rebecca Chandler

thinking_manI recently posted a question on The Real Estate Book Fan Page.  "How's Your Market?"  Comments on real estate markets came from Florida, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Tennessee, Maine, Illinois, Hawaii, and Ontario among other areas.   The general consensus?  We are experiencing a rebound.  Whether that's fueled by lower prices, a flush of first time home buyers, tax incentives, or other reasons varied by market.

On the other hand, I recently had a conversation with several other real estate agents and brokers who were, admittedly, selling fewer homes and had greatly reduced their advertising spend during the down months.  Their business had not yet increased.  They were waiting  for the rebound to come to them.  They were not actively pursuing it.

Then, there were the agents who commented on the fan page said they were busier than they've been in a long time.  What do you think makes the difference?  My guess is that agents who are succeeding now are not waiting for buyers and sellers to stumble across them.  They did not stop actively marketing their skills, listings, and personal brands.  They may have cut expenses, but they maintained those they knew would pay off in the long run.  Now, when a buyer or seller gets ready to choose an agent, those who continued to advertise are firmly in the consideration set.

What do you think?  Are you in the consideration set?  Or are you waiting for the rebound to come to you?

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