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This Weeks Strongest Links - 6/4/10

By Rebecca Chandler

Last week, I started a weekly blog with links to things we found interesting over the past week. I hope you find these interesting, entertaining, informative and a little fun.  The links are in RED below.

barb-about31. A big coup for us this week was that we secured Barbara Corcoran as the keynote speaker for our annual sales meeting in July here in Atlanta. If you are not familiar with Barbara as a regular real estate commentator on NBCs TODAY Show, or ABCS reality show for ambitious entrepreneurs, Shark Tank click here to view a video of one of her most popular appearances.  Barbara (a Real Estate Book advertiser) built a $70 billion real estate empire from a $1000 loan and will be particularly relevant for our group. If you are a Real Estate Book market rep and have not registered to attend this years meeting - do so NOW.  This years meeting is will be super interactive and informative. You wont want to miss it. Check NCITools or your inbox for registration information.

2. Hugh McLeods's Gaping Void - Hugh creates interesting doodles, and is an entertaining and irreverant speaker on business, life, advertising, and creativity. bookI particularly  liked this one in which he references Mark Earls, author of Welcome to the Creative Age: Bananas, Business and the Death of Marketing. Mark asserts that people are social animals. Businesses are social groups, and what holds these social groups (businesses) together is a collective sense of purpose. Therefore, purpose is at the center of business. Are you centered on your purpose?

3. We often visit tradeshows or conventions and speak to agents and brokers from markets in which we do not publish a local magazine - to their frustration. This week, we launched the official campaign for our new online retail storefront - Store.RealEstateBook.com- opening up advertising opportunities for these previously unserved markets. Check it out. Youll have to enter your zip or postal code to see offerings in your area. Feel free to click on the feedback link to tell us what you think.

4. Lastly, if this weekend, you find yourself preparing for next Saturdays much anticipated a World Cup 2010 soccer matchup matchup between the U.S. and Great Britian wondering what all the hububs about. (Its only the planets most popular sport), watch this short video from Daily Candy.

Have a great weekend!

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