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Confessions of a Real Estate Junkie/ Face Time

By NPMGAdmin

We just finished up our Annual Sales Meeting for The Real Estate Book and I'm reminded once again about the power of face time in an increasingly digital world. Due to the crazy economic conditions we've all been dealing with, we passed on the big annual meeting for the past two years. We do a decent job of taking advantage of all the communications tools available today; conference calls, webinars, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and blogs like this one. These are very helpful tools in getting our message out there, but every once a while, a good old fashioned face to face meeting is the right move.

If our eyes are the window to our souls and I believe they are, how better to assess someones level of engagement, stress, joy and hope for the future than to stand or sit, eye to eye, and simply listen and talk?  How better to create  excitement around new product and service offerings than to get everyone in one room and watch them feed off each others energy as they reflect on how they will introduce this to their customers?

Much of the communication is non-verbal; facial expressions, eyes opening wide, a lean in to a peer, a glance, a roll of the eyes or a shake of the head. If you're a good observer of human behavior, these meetings offer a powerhouse of information that can help inform future actions.

The best Real Estate Agents know this too. Their instincts about people are very sharp. The real magic happens not in an email exchange, but during their listing presentation at the kitchen table  of a potential home seller or in their car as they listen to and observe a buyers reaction to the home they just walked through.

Face time is powerful stuff.

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