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Olgivy Method for Effective Real Estate Print Ad Design

By NPMGAdmin

Olgivy method example on effective ad design

 I recently spoke at our annual conference and delivered a presentation on effective ad design for maximum results.  I've been in the real estate advertising business for over 14 years and have personally been responsible for a bad design or two when I get a little too creative.  The bottom line is that if you stick to the Olgivy method with some minor tweaks for the real estate business you will deliver maximum results for your homesellers and generate buyer leads as well.  What's the Olgivy method?  Here it is:

  David Olgivy Method: 

1.      Visual - one strong graphic element

2.      Caption for visual if necessary

3.      *Headline - The most important thing you want to say.

4.      Ad copy - with a strong lead-in

5.      Signature - contact information (limit to the most important)  

 How can this method be directly applied to real estate advertising?




4 Most Common Design Flaws That Reduce Effectiveness

 Too many ways to contact you. 

Which do you want most? Phone calls? Or web traffic?

 Bad or misused photography

Good quality photos reflect a good quality agent.  Bad photography . . . .

 Too much copy

Only include area, BR/BA, price, few key details, and a trackable phone number.  Keep it brief for readability and give them a reason to act!

 Unclear message or call to action

State clearly what you want to happen as a result of the ad. Don’t make the consumer work for it.


These are the basics.  We know this from experience.  We track phone calls and have learned that real estate agents and brokers advertising in The Real Estate Book generate between 18-53 calls per page per issue depending upon the market area and the price of the homes advertised.


Are there other methods that you are using effectively in today's real estate market?


If you'd like to see the full presentation, please email me at twalker@treb.com and I'd be happy to send you more information.

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