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Enough about me. Let's talk about you.

By Rebecca Chandler

red-bowAh . . . the joys of giving. 

Be generous this holiday season.  Here are 3 ways to give to home buyers and home sellers in your advertising and a special offer from The Real Estate Book.  Read on . . .

Give the people what they want.  In your advertising, buyers want to see  . . . PHOTOS of homes.  Multiple photos of the rooms inside, the yard, and the special features.  Don't make them work too hard.  Make it FUN to look for their dream home.

Sellers want you to MARKET their home.  Make it stand out.  Advertise it.  Before you ask for a price reduction, be sure you've done more than put a single photo of the front of the home on MLS and and buried it for free on listing aggregate sites. Showing them that you are doing everything you can to reach potential buyers makes them feel SPECIAL.

Tell them how it benefits them.  So, you're a top agent.  Good for you.  Consumers want to know what you are going to do for THEM.  Talk about how you've helped your clients, not about how they've helped you. Show success stories on selling a home quickly or helping a buyer find the perfect home.    Offer a free consultation, downloadable community resources, checklists to help them get ready for the big transaction. 

Be responsive - quickly and appropriately.  An automated phone message that takes 5 minutes to navigate before you get to a live person or a voice mail with the promise of calling them back within 24 hours means that they will most likely hang up on you.  An auto-reply on your email means they will most likely email someone else.  Advertise the best way to reach you and do your best to answer your phone personally and respond to voicemails and emails as quickly as you can.  Your TIME AND ATTENTION are the services they want - along with your expertise.

Here's our gift to you.  We'd love to tell the world how great you are.  Send your best sales story of 2010 along with a photo if you'd like and we'll post it here on this blog, on The Real Estate Book Facebook Page and we'll tweet about you on Twitter.   So that people can find you, include:

  1. Your Name
  2. Company Name
  3. City and State or Province
  4. Your Phone Number & Email Address
  5. Your Website or Blog

Send to Marketing@treb.com and we'll do the rest!

Thanks for all you do and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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