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It's Just What We Do.

By Rebecca Chandler

I was recently reminded of a story - true or not - about a visit that President John F. Kennedy made to the space center at Cape Canaveral sometime in the 1960's. While there, JFK ran into three custodial workers. He asked all three, "What is it that you do here?"

The first replied, "Earn a livng."

The second said, "I pick up the trash."

The third said, "Mr. President, I am helping to put a man on the moon."

The third understood that he played a part in a larger picture. Clearly, for effective operations at the space center, someone had to keep the facility clean and operational. And, as the facility was able to operate effectively, those who worked there also were able to accomplish their goal of sending a man to the moon.

This worker had two things - passion and a sense of purpose.

I thought about all the people here at Network Communications and our passion and purpose. On the surface, we create and publish shelter-related content. And it takes around 800 - 900 people to do that in various forms - whether they are making sales, creating web content, running a printing press, creating graphics, servicing our customers, gathering and reporting data, delivering the mail, driving a truck, or any other number of functions - including keeping the place clean and operational.

But, as an entire organization, what is that we really do? What's our purpose? Here's what I came up with --

We help people find their home.

They may be looking for an apartment, a first home, a next home, a second home , a retirement home, or a place to age gracefully. We will help them find that place. Then, we help make the place they live into a place they call "home" with information on decorating, repairing, or improving their space and on enjoying and becoming a member of the community around them.

And, we're pretty darned passionate about that.

What do you do?

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