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Our Advertisers Have a Competitive Advantage.

By NPMGAdmin


As you know, the recovery has begun and it is widely acknowledged that in 2013, the real estate market will continue to build throughout the year, home prices will rise and sales activity will grow. We’re in for a good year.


Not all will reap the benefits of the market recovery. Will you? A recent study conducted by the University of Central Florida indicated that up to 74% of consumers do not believe real estate agents earn their commissions and that 73% of sellers question their agent on the value of their commission. Chances are, you may have been questioned as well.


Gain more business than the average agent, and justify your commission. Consumers can place their home for sale on most major Internet listing sites for free. They can also search through database after database of available homes for sale on their own. But, everyone knows that homes that are well priced and well marketed sell more quickly and for a higher price. We also know that buyers represented by a professional agent experience smoother, more well-informed transactions.

What is your plan to leverage this opportunity?


Advertise your service in The Real Estate Book®.

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Be willing to do the things that consumers cannot do on their own.

Be willing to do the things that other agents are unwilling to do.

Stand out from the crowd.

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