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Do you want buyers to stroll around the neighborhood or walk through the door?

By NPMGAdmin

by Rebecca Chandler

In a recent blog postJohn Packes,  described the difference between “surfing” on the web and “splashing” on mobile.  Basically, when you are on the web on your home computer, you search, visit a site, then search again, find another site – and repeat.  ”Surfing” around the web.  On a mobile site, you are more likely to go directly to the desired information and then leave.  No more searching. “Splash” in and then get out.

There’s another dynamic in relation to the way we search for real estate on the web or on a mobile device.  Let’s call it “searching” vs. “finding.”  When you are on a website,  an app, or a searchable listing site, you are, most likely, strolling through a neighborhood or city, looking at multiple homes and comparing.  However, when you see an printed ad or a sign and you text or scan a code to see a specific home, it’s like you are walking through the door of that home.

That’s a big difference when you are trying to market a listing – or win a listing through your marketing plan.  While other agents simply give a buyer directions to the town or neighborhood to find the seller’s home, you are giving them the keys to the front door and inviting them in to look around.  They are making it more difficult than necessary and you are making it as simple as possible to see the home.

To see a sample of how this works, text T312634 to 85377.  To do this, open the text feature on your phone.  In the “To” field, type in the numbers 85377.  In the message field, type in T312634.  You’ll receive a return text with a link to a sample property from The Real Estate Book’s mobile site. This is what the consumer experiences when they see this code in an ad, on a sign, or on a flyer or brochure.   As an agent, you get an immediate text notification that someone is interested in the home – and you get their phone number so you can text or call them back as a follow up.

To learn more, speak with your local Real Estate Book representative or go to http://mediakit.realestatebook.com/

Or – join us for a live webinar on Thursday, May 9th from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EDT.  Register here.

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