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The SEO Local Mobile Era of Today.

By NPMGAdmin

By Courtney Soinski

In an excellent article, LoMo: Why the Future of SEO is Local Mobile, SEO Director Marc Purtell demonstrates the impact of our society’s quickly growing mobile usage trends on new emerging marketing strategies and the now necessary unity of traditional and mobile SEO into one effective business model.

The merge of traditional and mobile SEO eliminates the need to separate the two by creating a “single multi-channel marketing process” that functions across all platforms, whether it be on your computer, cell phone or tablet. Hugely beneficial for local businesses, this new marketing strategy has less competitive SEO on mobile devices, is much more localized resulting in more leads for your business, and Google ranks mobile-friendly pages higher than on your desktop computer.

In the article, Purtell shows us that if you want to have a successful local business in our technology-driven society, marketers need to embrace this new SEO mobile era and fully adapt to the new SEO trends and mobile opportunities of today.

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