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Are You Drowning in A Sea of Online Data?

By NPMGAdmin

by Rebecca Chandler

Online real estate content is abundant and, as a real estate agent or broker, you and your listings may be, literally, drowning in a sea of online data.  Total web traffic to real estate site estimates range from around 60 million per month to over 100 million.

Counting that traffic is an imperfect science. Zillow estimates their own traffic at over 60 million in July 2013.  Compete.com estimates Zillow traffic at 20 million per month and Alexa at 15 million.

Trulia touts 31 million per month. Compete estimates their traffic at 13 million and Alexa at 8 million.

However, the bottom line is that, according to the National Association of REALTORS®,  only a little over 5 million homes will be sold this year.

What does that tell you?  Not everyone shopping on a real estate site is a home buying or selling consumer (at least not this year) and that those who shop real estate websites go to multiple sites and are counted over and over and over.

•    Home shoppers visit multiple sites – many in the same session – so they are multiplied over and over in estimates

•    Many are not shopping for real estate agent listed homes for sale.  Many sites include rentals, apartments, FSBO’s, sold properties, neighborhood information, etc., etc.,

•    Many visitors are sellers, agents, or tire kickers – researching the market

It’s not surprising.  Everyone researches purchases online.  We research everything from the best new car to purchase to the restaurants we choose.  But, that also means that you and your listings are just sitting and waiting and hoping that the rightconsumer with the ability and likelihood to do business with you will stumble upon you , and then make the decision to contact you.  You most certainly should get the widest exposure for your listings and your brand on the web – BUT it’s a passive approach and web only is not a real marketing strategy for you or your home seller – and every agent in town does it, so you don’t stand out at all.

Keep this in mind . . .

•    Advertising and marketing activities generate leads.

  • Buyer leads for your current listings and any other homes for sale.

  • Seller leads for future listings.

  • Your marketing campaign for the home is as much for you and your business as for your client’s home.

  • Any investment you make should also generate more business for you.

•    It’s a WIN-WIN.

In today’s multi-media world, we shop on the web, on our phones, and offline – all at the same time.  Effective marketing strategies use all available media to create demand – everywhere and in any way the consumer chooses to interact.

Your challenge is to interact with your target audience in the places and manner in which they choose.  This means using a printed magazine to interrupt their day in the places they live, work , shop and play.  Use your ad to drive them to find more information about your and your listings on the web or their mobile device.  Now – they are engaged.

Or -  have you reconsidered direct mail recently?  Today, using services likeTREBStore.com, you can target your mailing to not only a geographic area, but also through demographic filters – like time in the home, income, or age.   You know the profile of those you are trying to reach as buyers or sellers.  Going specifically to those people will help you generate leads – much more effectively than waiting on them to find you in a sea of online data.

To learn more, view our recorded webinar – “Is Web Dead?”

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