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Your Personal Brand - Marketing Workbook

By NPMGAdmin

Marketing your personal brand allows you to define the perception, the emotion, and the lasting impression others have of the personal, professional side of you.  By allowing prospective clients to get to know your brand, you create a comfort level for doing business with you. It helps remove the doubt of doing business with you and it creates an expectation of what the experience of doing business with you will be like.

BrandChalk_smallFor example, you have an expectation of what it will be like to buy coffee from Starbucks, eat a Dorito, or watch a movie on Netflix – even if you’ve never done any of those.

Think of those who have a well-developed personal brand.  Oprah. Jimmy Buffett.  Santa Claus.   Most likely, you have a positive perception of these individuals because they have well-developed personal brands.  You have a positive “feeling” about them that would lend a level of comfort in meeting them – as if you’d met them before.

This workbook will help you think about your personal brand and how you’d like to define it.


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