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New Year’s Revolutions

By Rebecca Chandler

by Rebecca Chandler

This is a picture i took for the Candy article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a recent ATT ad, a young boy says that his New Year's "Revolution" is to eat more jelly beans. "Not really a revolt," says the adult, "but just more of you eating things that are bad for you." Cute.

But, is a New Year's "Revolution" really a bad thing? Did you make resolutions? Or are you planning a revolution? Against what would you revolt? This year, I'm revolting against this habit -

The "Making a Large Assumption Based on a Small Amount of Fact" Habit.

How many times have you been in a conversation and someone makes a large statement they assume to be true but is really only based on a tidbit of information? Why not get the full facts? We recently relaunched our print-on-demand and direct mail site, TREBStore.com and in looking at our product offering, determined that we were putting a lot of effort behind some that generated few orders and little revenue. Why? Because we'd heard that "a lot" of people wanted it. When we looked at the facts, we found that "a lot" was, in reality, "very few."

As another example, you've probably heard buyers or sellers make statements about the market that they assume to be true because of something that happened to a friend, a fact they heard months ago, or a national stat that is not applicable to their specific area or housing niche. As a local real estate professional, you can provide specifically relevant and timely information that may alter their perceptions and tip the decision to buy or sell – and change that large assumption.

We should revolt against making assumptions and, instead, make fact-based decisions when we can. In marketing your business, tracking your leads and conversions will help you find your most effective advertising options. And, once you determine the most effective, then you have to determine how to increase the results from those sources. If your website generates high quality leads, how are you going to drive more traffic to it? If social media is a good source of business for you, how would you increase your sphere and engagement? If your yard signs are effective, how can you make them more effective?

Revolution? Maybe not, but making real fact-based decisions in 2014 could result in a revolutionary change in your business.


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