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Parks and Recreation – Three Truly Unique National Parks

By Rebecca Chandler

Last night at The Golden Globes, the comedy, Parks and Recreation was nominated for Best Television Series and cast member and Golden Globe host, Amy Poehler, took home the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series ( Musical or Comedy). But what about some other really unique parks and recreation ? Here are 3 very truly unique national parks to consider for your next adventure

Painted Lady in Kings Canyon National ParkHot Springs National Park - This national park is in the middle of Hot Springs, Arkansas, a town rich in mineral rich hot spring water. The heart of the park is on "Bathhouse Row" an area that prospered as a health spa with bathers seeking relief from stress, arthritis, and other afflictions. You can tour the beautiful art-deco Fordyce Bathhouse or "take the waters" yourself in several still-operating spas or the legendary Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa. The city of Hot Springs is also know for scenic mountains, and 3 beautiful lakes – Lake Ouachita, Lake Catherine, and Lake Hamilton and a top-notch horse racing track, Oaklawn.

Biscayne National Park, Florida – Not far from Miami, Biscayne protect azure waters, coral reefs, and years of human history including pirates and shipwrecks. A great location for boating, diving or snorkeling, this beautiful park offers glass-bottom and island boat tours, canoe and paddle craft rentals, and waterfront camping. Another national attraction – not too far away is the Everglades National Park with miles and miles of sawgrass and gators and airboat tours.

BigBendParkBig Bend National Park, Texas – In far west Texas, Big Bend National Park, is in one of the most remote areas of the United States, and includes three distinct habitat areas – mountains, desert, and river. Despite its remote location, it has become quite the tourist destination, offering river trips, hiking bicycling, horseback riding, air tours and more. This 800,000 acre park was home to many different tribes of Native Americans including Comanche and Apache and the colorful history includes Spanish claim, and occupancy by the Buffalo Soldiers after the Civil War and the Mexican Revolution.

For more information on national parks, visit these sites –

National Park Service - http://www.nps.gov

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