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Winning Strategies for Getting to the Real Estate Super Bowl

By Rebecca Chandler

by Rebecca Chandler

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The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos didn't get a Super Bowl shot by accident. They spent the pre-season and the season preparing, practicing, analyzing, and working to get the chance to play in New Jersey on February 2nd. Do you have a strategy for getting in the real estate Super Bowl next year? What is your game plan? Do you have a "game changer" in your future?

Let's start with the pre-season – scouting, preparation and practice. Football coaches do not wait until the season starts to start work. Do you? Now, during the winter months, while some buyers and sellers are active, probably more are considering their plans for spring. Should they sell? What do they need to do to prepare their home to get the best price? Where should they buy? What should they expect to pay? Now is the time to start.

Are the scouts finding you? Many agents assume that because the market is slower in the winter, that their marketing efforts can be lessened. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now is the time to get in front of your prospective clients while they are researching and "scouting" for an agent. And, they look everywhere – web, mobile, in local real estate magazines, in their mailbox, on blogs, and social networks, etc. They are in the zone. If your listing inventory is low, and you are relying on your exposure on listing aggregation sites to generate interest and to gain top-of-mind awareness, you will probably be a last round draft pick – if at all.

Instead, by promoting your skills, your brand, your local expertise – in every media and source local home shoppers use, you will make that first round pick.

Preparation. Now is a great time to re-examine your home selling game plan. When was the last time you updated your seller presentation? NewPoint Media Group conducted a survey of over 2500 home owners preparing to sell. The most important service they expected from their agent? Marketing. What does the presentation you give to potential sellers say about the marketing plan you will conduct for their home? Does it look like the marketing plan every other agent in town will offer? The MLS, a yard sign, an open house, and web exposure on free listing aggregate sites. Anyone (and everyone) will offer that. Instead, put together a marketing game plan for your listings. Can you include things like text lead generation? Single property mobile website? A YouTube video of the home? GPS-enabled search and lead generation? A targeted direct mail campaign? And exposure in a local real estate publication that reaches out to potential buyers everywhere they live, work, shop and play?

If your presentation does not include a full-range of marketing services, your competitor's very well may. And, your chances of winning that listing game are slim.

The Game Changer. Practice. Start now. Part of a winning game plan is to know what works and what doesn't. By starting your game plan now (and not waiting until spring), you have the opportunity to fine tune and test your plays. Track your results. Up your investment in winning strategies and lower or drop those things that do not work. So, when the season starts, your playbook will be set while your competitors are still fumbling around. You'll gain momentum and market share while they try to dig themselves out of a losing season start.

Hire the best coaching staff you can.  Your local Real Estate Book representative can give you a full review of your current marketing plan and an update on the most complete set of winning multi-media marketing tools available today.  And, with the best in the business coaching you from the sidelines, you're sure to have a winning season.


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