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Simple Text Messages Have Big Impact on Mobile Marketing Strategy

By NPMGAdmin


While there are constantly new technologies for reaching out to consumers through mobile phones, they won't always grant you long-term success in your growing business.  Have you ever heard the phrase "Less is More"?  Well, this definitely holds true in mobile marketing.  Keeping it simple is often the best strategy.

SMS is a simple marketing strategy that allows you to reach consumers on their mobile device, even if they don't have a smartphone.  Text messages are not just for communicating with friends and family - they can now be used quickly and easily to grow your business.


As one piece of The Real Estate Book's mobile marketing packages include text message lead generation. It's simple. When a home shopper is interested in a home, they just text the code that's displayed on our sign riders or in The Real Estate Book printed magazine.

Then, the consumer immediately receives a text back with information about the home they're interested in as well as the real estate agent.  Meanwhile, that agent receives a text message lead, so they know to contact their new client.

This SMS strategy easily helps grow your business and gain new prospects, all because of a simple text message.


iphone4s_text_T312634To find out how you can incorporate SMS in your mobile marketing strategy, visit Store.RealEstateBook.com.

To see a sample, text "T312634" to 85377.  You can also call us at 1-888-809-8495 to learn all about our marketing packages.

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