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Thinking Outside the Box: DIY Storage Solutions

By NPMGAdmin

by Courtney Soinski

Before you go out and spend money on new storage containers or expensive shelving and hardware, take a look around you.  It's time to think outside the box (literally!).  There are many ways you can use items already in your home to serve as extra storage space while also adding some unique flair and functionality.

Here are our top 10 favorite storage solutions that you can easily do yourself without spending any money.

masonjars1. Mason Jars.

Use mason jars to store ingredients in your kitchen.  This is a unique and functional way to keep food fresh.  You can also use them to store all types of items in other rooms like your bedroom, bathroom or office.


2. Wagon Bookcase.

Books don't have to be on a plain old traditional bookcase.  Don't be afraid to mix it up!  Use a wagon or a Radio Flyer for extra book storage.

3. Box made of Plastic Blocks.

This is a colorful and trendy addition to any counter top, and your kids will love it!

4. Dish Drainer as Mail Sorter.

If you think dish drainers can only be used for dishes, think again!  You can use a dish drainer to sort mail and the attached silverware cup to store pens.

fruitbasket5. Tiered Fruit Basket in Bathroom.

It may sound crazy, but a tiered fruit basket is a perfect way to add storage in your bathroom.  You'll have toiletries within reach while maximizing counter space.

6. Spice Racks for Storage.

Don't limit your spice racks to only spices.  They're the perfect size to store books or your child's toys in their bedroom.

7.  Baskets on the Wall.

Hang any type of baskets on the wall in your bathroom to serve as shelving for toilet paper, towels or toiletries.

8. Paper Towel Holder for Cookie Cutters.

Instead of throwing all your cookie cutters in the kitchen drawer to be eventually lost, use a paper towel holder.  It is the perfect size and a great way to keep them organized.

woodenladder9. Wooden Ladder Shelving Unit.

A weathered wooden ladder can serve as a rustic shelving unit for things like books, garden tools, shoes or anything else you come up with.

10. Magazine Rack as Pot Lid Holder.

I bet you never thought of using a magazine rack for pot lids!  We all know that those lids can get messy in the drawer, so keep them organized with a simple magazine rack.


As you can see, storage solutions can come in all different shapes and sizes.  Remember to never stop thinking outside the box when it comes to decorating and organizing your home.  The possibilities are endless!

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