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Selling? 5 Marketing Tips from Top Agents.

By NPMGAdmin

by Courtney Soinski


If you're putting your home on the market to sell, you should know your real estate agent's marketing strategy.  Having a solid marketing plan in real estate most definitely impacts how fast you sell your home.  And, the best agents know the best marketing strategies to quickly and effectively reach buyers with a high likelihood to be interested in your home.

5 Marketing Tips from Top Agents

  1. Good photography. 

Buyers see photos of your home before they see your home in many instances, and the best photos will drive interest - and traffic to your house.

  1. Don't rely on the web to sell your home.

Sure, lots of people shop on the web for homes and there are lots of homes on the web.  Stats say that 65 million shop for homes in the U.S. every month.  However, only 5 million homes are sold in the U.S. every year.  It's a very crowded space and your home should be on as many sites as possible, but it's drowning in a sea of online data.

  1. Make sure your agent includes mobile technology in your marketing plan.

Today, we rely on our phones to look up everything, including real estate.  Your home should have a marketing plan that includes mobile tools as a significant element.  For example, your home should have a yard sign with a text code on it so that potential buyers driving by can look it up on their phone right away.  The Real Estate Book's mobile tools actually .captures the potential buyer's phone number so your agent can follow up.

  1. Market your home offline - locally.

Good agents know where potential buyers of your home live, work, shop and play.  They use free local real estate publications, targeted direct mail, brochures, and other tools to interrupt the day of the local home buyer.

  1. Keep your home looking good.

Part of the marketing plan for your home is in your court.  This includes how potential buyers perceive it when they walk through the door.  Living in a home and keeping it ready to show is a challenge, but it will pay off when buyers find your home more attractive than others they may be considering.

Put simply, don't just wait around for home buyers to find you.  Get out there and find them through advertising - both online and offline.

Whether in a magazine ad on your agent's website, a text code from a yard sign in front of your house that will drive people to your mobile listing, or a postcard in their mailbox with a code that captures their phone number, you'll be in all the right places.

Above all else, don't hesitate to ask your agent questions.  Know their marketing plan.  They are here to help you, and most importantly, sell your home.


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