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Are Your Clients Prepared for Home Inspection?

By NPMGAdmin

hiby Courtney Soinski

As a real estate professional, it is very important that you fully prepare your clients before meeting with a home inspector.

Here are some of our favorite tips that REALTORS® can provide their clients for a successful and smooth home inspection.  You'll be happy to know that these can be done at little to no cost!

1.  Clean out dirty gutters or debris from the roof.

2.  Trim trees, roots and bushes back from foundation, roof, siding and chimney.

3.  Seal asphalt driveways, if cracking.

4.  Clean or replace HVAC filter.

5.  Test all smoke detectors to ensure they are in safe working condition.

6.  Don't do quick cheap repairs.  You may raise questions that will unfairly cause great concern to buyers and inspectors.

7.  Ensure that all doors and windows are in proper working condition, including repairing any cracks.

8.  Check and fix any leaks on plumbing fixtures.  Apply caulk if needed.

9.  Have clear access to attic, crawlspace, heating system, garage and other areas that will need to be inspected.

10.  Make sure all utilities are turned on if the house is vacant.  This includes water, electric, water heater, furnace, air conditioning and breaks in the main panel.


It's important that your clients understand what they need to do and the issues they need to fix before getting their home inspected.  A pre-listing inspection is also recommended for potential sellers to identify items that they need to be aware of.  After all, surprises are never a good thing when it comes to home inspections and selling a house!


Source: The National Association of Home Inspectors

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