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Are Drones Flying into Real Estate?

By NPMGAdmin

drone2 (1)by Courtney Soinski

Announced for the first time on Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has officially given approval for drone-maker AeroVironment to fly an unmanned vehicle over the largest oil field in the nation, which is operated by BP.  This marks the very first commercial drone to be flown in the US.

But what does this mean for the real estate industry?  We all know that there are only so many ways you can photograph a house or piece of property.  With drones, we'll be able to capture incredibly expansive pictures and videos using aerial photography.  However, the commercial use of drones is still very much restricted by the FAA, unless they have given you a certificate of airworthiness.  Until then, it would be best to keep your drone on the ground.

Once drones do become available in real estate after all regulations are put in place, what are the benefits?

For one, drones are basically flying camera tripods.  REALTORS® will be able to maneuver and direct the drone to get the best shots.  Then, agents can simply show those photos and videos to their client or post them in an online listing advertisement.

In addition, using aerial photography on a drone is much less expensive than hiring a helicopter.  Moreover, the drone is capable of holding the same type of camera equipment and will maneuver with complete ease.  Once sellers see the photos and videos that drones can produce, aerial photography, in my opinion, will become a demand.

There are some groups of people, however, who advise caution regarding the use of these drones in real estate.  According to an article by Robert Freeman, "the legal landscape surrounding commercial use of drones is constantly shifting."  Currently, you must have a certificate from the FAA in order to fly a drone in the air for commercial use.

How do YOU think drones will impact REALTORS® in the near future?

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