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5 Questions Every Real Estate Agent Should Ask a New Client.

By NPMGAdmin

agent_houseby Courtney Soinski

There are many articles out there suggesting questions that buyers should ask their real estate agent, but now it's your turn!

Whether you're an experienced REALTOR® or not, it's important to always be crystal clear on a new client's background information and preferences.  Know where you stand before jumping into a relationship with a lead.

Here are 5 questions you should ask a new client:

  1. Why are you buying and why is now the right time to move?  

    Learning WHY they are buying a new home at this specific time is very helpful in tailoring your real estate services to fit their needs.  It will also help you determine how many hours you can expect to work.  For instance, some may be looking for a REALTOR® way before they sell their current home, while others may wait until the last minute.  Everyone's timing is different.

  2. How many houses have you already seen and what are your 3 favorite neighborhoods?   

    You'll gain a better understanding of their recent real estate experience and at the same time, you'll find out if they have already been working with another agent.  Also, ask them to list their 3 favorite neighborhoods - this is an easy way to begin discussing the importance they place on schools, demographics, and where they want to live.

  3. If we found your perfect home tomorrow, what would you do?  

    Ask this question so you can evaluate their readiness to actually move and better grasp their preferred timeline.  If you're speaking with a first-time home buyer, use this moment to go over the closing process and any other details they need to know about buying a new home.

  4. Are you working with a lender?  

    Now you'll can make an easy transition into a financial conversation.  This is a great opportunity to learn whether or not they are pre-approved.  If they have not been pre-approved, suggest a lender of your choosing.

  5. What would be a deal breaker?  

    Find out what they DON'T want.  Specifically, what features, or lack of, would immediately rule out a home?  This will save you tons of time and energy when finding the best home for your new client.  Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their next home, and understanding what to omit speeds up the buying process.

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