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Let's Get Creative with DIY Home Hacks!

By NPMGAdmin

by Courtney Soinski

New home projects and maintaining your home can sometimes be tough.  That's why we've come up with some fun shortcuts you can do yourself in no time!

Here are our top favorite DIY home hacks:

1. Door knobs for towel hangers.

Although unconventional, door knobs make great towel hangers in the bathroom.  They look stylish, too!



2. Use old laundry basket to paint walls with polka dots

Think before you throw out that broken laundry basket!  You can use it to easily paint perfect polka dots on your walls for extra flair.

newspaper3. Lint-free window cleaning with newspaper

Say goodbye to lint remnants left on your windows after cleaning them.  Newspaper does the trick!

4. Bread Tie Power Cord Labels

Keep your cords organized by labeling them with bread clips!

5. Use a candle on drawers for easier gliding

It's time to fix that sticky drawer!  Rub a cheap votive candle on a drawer glide to help smooth operation and reduce wear.

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