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Transform Small Spaces into Charming Places

By NPMGAdmin

In home listings across the country, the word small is often replaced with a far more marketable and appealing word: “charming.” But what makes a home charming compared to small? How does a homeowner transition a cramped room into a space with unique and appealing character?

desk2Create special spaces and storage

Carefully consider the functions of any space, such as TV viewing, reading or computer use, so that only the items needed for those specific functions are stored there.

Understanding how this space is utilized will make it easier to establish dedicated zones and supplies for each activity. Be sure to also create proper storage to manage and maintain a clutter-free home.

Make it larger with lighting

windowsClearing a small home of its clutter will automatically make it seem larger. However, the illusion of more space can also be enhanced with proper lighting.

The right lighting will also play a big role in helping create a more charming feel.

kitchen2Recessed lighting is visually appealing and perfect for small spaces. You can also affect a room’s lighting with low-cost or no-cost solutions that make the most of the space’s built-in features. For example, highlight windows instead of covering them, or make the fireplace a focal point.

Add charming details

chairrail2Woodwork is another simple embellishment that adds instant character and charm without affecting usable space. A chair rail, crown molding or even baseboards can help take a standard room and outline it with interesting architectural elements.

By managing clutter, using lighting to create bright and airy spaces and incorporating simple architectural elements, you can easily transform a cramped area into a charming and inviting room that you – or a potential buyer – can enjoy.

Source: ClosetMaid

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.

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