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Five Ways to Amp Up Your Marketing

By Rebecca Chandler

by Rebecca Chandler

LSM_phone_iconOrbit_ABCgeneric (1)The right mix of marketing tools and mediums can really amp up the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts to reach real buyers and sellers on the real streets of your real town.

Here are 5 ways to amp up your marketing efforts.

  1. Amp up your yard sign. Add a text code that leads them to a mobile site for that home and immediately sends you their phone number. You'll gain immediate access to a hot lead and (that sign becomes a great listing tool).
  2. Amp up your website. Your website may look great on a computer, but make sure it displays appropriately on tablet or a phone. Adding an IDX feed and the GPS capability of those devices will make your personal site a favorite among buyers and sellers – and will generate even more leads for you.
  3. Amp up your listings. Wide web exposure for properties for sale today is a basic expectation. However, placing your listings in the real geographic locations where the likely buyer lives, works, shops and plays is a power move. The Real Estate Book® distributes thousands of magazines in local markets, interrupting the day of the potential buyer delivering an active advertising campaign for your listings versus a passive waiting game on the web.
  4. Amp up your personal brand. Creating a strong personal brand in your local market requires professional, high power marketing tools and integrating them into a cohesive campaign can be overwhelming. Your local Real Estate Book representative can put together a full marketing plan for you including local print, text codes, mobile sites, lead gen yard signs, and more – for an affordable single price.
  5. Amp up your results. Using the right marketing tools will increase your results and tracking all your marketing efforts doesn't have to be complex. The Real Estate Book's Leads Activity & Results allows you to analyze all your results and your local representative can work with you to make sure you maximize the return on your marketing investment.


Want to learn more? Contact your local Real Estate Book representative today. Go to http://store.realestatebook.com to find yours.

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