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Sign Riders Bring Virtual Tools to Your Streets.

By NPMGAdmin

Even more effective than a Google search, the sign in front of the home is the most valuable marketing tool an agent has.  How can you make yours work even better?  By amplifying the number of leads they generate.

signIt’s not surprising that 90% of home buyers find the yard sign useful in their home search and 75% used the yard sign to find the home in which they were interested. That makes perfect sense.  (2013 National Association of REALTORS ® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers).

What may be surprising is how simple it is to add new mobile marketing tools to your tried and true lead generator to really increase its effectiveness, since buyers are typically in the car – cell phone in hand, looking for more details on your listings.

Creating single property mobile websites and text codes for all your listings is a brilliant way to engage buyers and win leads.  Just place those text codes on a printed ad, brochure, flyer, or yard sign . . . and Voila!  You have brought virtual tools into the real world.  You can even use the GPS capabilities of the buyer’s phone to locate them – and the home of which they are in front.

phoneWant to see a sample?  Send a text to 85377 (the recipient) with the message “T312634”.

As potential buyers text a code assigned to each of your listings, they will receive a message back with the price, a link to a single listing mobile site with more information, pictures, your phone number.  At the same time, you’ll also get their phone number and a new lead.  Using a strong call to action such as, “to see inside, text T312634 to 85377” will increase results even more.

Your yard signs can also be GPS-enabled.  If a prospect is standing in front of a house with a sign rider and they text the displayed code, GPS technology tracks their location and the home listings around them, sending them information about the home – and you their phone number.  (This feature is location-based, so keep in mind that it won’t work unless you’re at the physical address.)

Add codes to all your marketing materials so you will get more leads from them, too.  Magazine ads, postcards, flyers, brochures - even your business card become better lead generators as more and more consumers become comfortable texting for more information.

Using your yard sign to balance your virtual marketing efforts with local exposure in the physical world means you’ll establish credibility for yourself to sellers and make sure prospective buyers find you everywhere they go.


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