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Do You Stand Out Among Millennials?

By NPMGAdmin

22901By Courtney Soinski

As a real estate professional, it’s important to understand how to effectively target different groups of home shoppers. This is especially true among our younger “Millennial” generation, which comprises the largest share of home buyers at 31 percent, outnumbering baby boomers.

To sell to any audience, you have to understand it. Do you know how millennials think, act and purchase? This is the first step in engaging with prospects and winning new leads.

In a world filled with technology and instant gratification, how can real estate agents stand out while targeting and keeping the attention of millennials to win more leads and sell more homes?

Advertise your brand. Everywhere.

According to a joint study from The National Association of REALTORS® and Google, real estate consumers who use the internet while researching a home are more likely to use multiple sources.

52% of home buyers start their search online, but where else do they look? Everywhere. Millennials shop for homes in magazines, billboards, yard signs, direct mail, and the list goes on. Furthermore, REALTORS® using only offline marketing and sales channels should incorporate digital to adapt to these shopping behaviors.

In addition to advertising on your desktop and mobile website along with offline sources, new home buyers also place a strong emphasis on virtual tours and videos showcasing properties.

Fish where the fish are.

Did you know that 77% of first-time home buyers drove by a home they viewed online? Take advantage of that statistic, both online and offline. Be in the places millennials are with the information they’re looking for, and then offer something of value with a strong call to action so you get their business.

Home buyers are more likely to bring their online research offline by walking through or driving by a home they viewed online. Imagine a yard sign in front of that house they’re driving by, which has a text code. Next thing you know, they’re on your mobile site and you have a new lead.

You’ll reach millennials in the real world when they see your magazine ad with a QR or text code that goes straight to your website, or when they receive a postcard with a lead generation code that gives you their phone number.

Keep the conversation going.

Millennials are deeply connected by technology, and let’s face it – they get distracted. Since this generation has such a short attention span, you want to be wherever they look. 36% of new home buyers do their shopping across multiple screens at the same time, so it’s no surprise they’re such multi-taskers.

Real estate agents must seize the opportunity to engage with millennials, the largest generation our society has seen.  Follow these tips to be prepared, connected, and ultimately, get more leads and sell more homes.

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