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20 Life Hacks for a Clutter-Free Home

By NPMGAdmin

By Courtney Soinski

There are countless places in your home that can be used for extra storage, and you probably don’t even know they’re right under your nose! By taking advantage of these areas, you can make it easier on yourself when it comes to organizing the spaces in your house and even hiding items that you’re not currently using.

Here are some great ways to utilize extra storage in your home:


magazine file1. Magazine file for additional cabinet storage.

By using a simple magazine file, you can create extra storage right inside your kitchen cabinet. This can be used to store things like aluminum foil, plastic wrap or plastic bags.


spices2. Easy Spice Storage

Here is an awesome way to store your spices – all you have to do is put a magnet strip underneath your kitchen cabinets.


3. Pants Hangers

A super simple way to keep your closet organized is by using shower hooks to hang up your jeans or any other pants with belt loops.


produce rack
4. Shower Caddy Produce Rack

Now that’s an unconventional way to store produce! Use a shower caddy to create extra storage in your kitchen.


suitcase storage
5. Suitcase Storage

Are suitcases taking up too much space in your closet? Get them out of the way by hanging them on hooks.


6. Crown Molding Shoe Rack

Applying an adhesive strip to crown molding makes the perfect shoe rack!


7. Towel Shelves

Use baskets as shelves for a creative way to store your towels, and it gives you more room under your sink!


wrappingpaper8. Wrapping Paper Racks

Especially during the holidays, these racks make it super easy to keep your wrapping paper organized.


trashbags9. Trash Bag Dispenser

Tissue boxes aren’t just for tissues! You’ll keep your trash bags easily accessible and organized.


bread10. Bread Shelf

Keep your bread from getting smashed by using this nifty under-shelf basket in your pantry.


scarves11. Scarf Hangers

Place shower rings onto a hanger for an easy and hassle-free way to store and organize scarves.


12. School Supply Organizer

Use a closet shoe organizer to store your kid’s school supplies.


13. Utensil Drawer

This is a great way to keep your kitchen utensils and silverware organized. You’ll never be looking for another spatula!


hairties14. Hair Tie Holder

Never lose another hair tie! Keep them on a key ring so they’ll always be in easy reach.


15. Basket Shelves

Baskets make the best shelves and are great for organizing, whether it’s clothes, laundry, socks, or whatever you want!


16. Pan Sorter

Easily organize your pans by putting these dividers in your kitchen drawers.


powercords17. Power Cord Holder

Use empty toilet paper rolls to organize and store your power cords.


18. Soup Organizer

Store your soup cans in an empty soda box! You’ll keep them organized and easily accessible.


bananas19. Banana Hanger

Get those bananas out of the way and off the counter by placing a simple hook to hang them on. The more counter space, the better!


20. Tupperware Organizer

Tupperware containers and lids are probably some of the hardest things to keep organized. For a great solution, use CD wire racks to keep them sorted.


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