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Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

By NPMGAdmin

by Courtney Soinski

You may be ready for the holidays, but what about your home? Thanksgiving is three weeks away, and you want to make sure your houseguests feel right at home the minute they ring the doorbell.

Create Comfort.

You never want your guests to have to ask you for a blanket. Place warm throw blankets at the end of each guest room bed. Keep extra pillows within easy access and offer a reading light in the room as well. On the couches, put out throw pillows because it corrects the problem of having a too-deep couch.


Stock up.

stockupIt’s important to anticipate the needs of your guests so they feel as comfortable as possible. You want to be prepared if they accidentally forget to pack something as simple as a toothbrush in their suitcase. Stock up on basic necessities like toilet paper and buy a few extra toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste. Also, make sure you have lots of extra towels!

Clear the Clutter.

clearclutterThe less clutter you have, the more room you’ll have for your houseguests and all their belongings. Simply take a sweep through the house and pick up any items that you won’t use for a while and put them in a storage bin. This is also a great opportunity to clean and organize your home for winter. Check out 20 Life Hacks for a Clutter-Free Home for more great organization tips!

Steam Clean Carpets.

steamcleanThis is the perfect time of the year to have your carpets steam-cleaned to prepare for lots of houseguests and activity in your home. You can either get your own steam cleaner if you’re doing it yourself or you can hire a professional. There are many great and affordable steam-cleaning companies such as Stanley Steemer and ChemDry.

Pressure Wash.

pressurewashWith all the outdoor activity earlier in the year, there’s a lot that can happen to your front or back porches from spring to fall. Pressure is not only good for your deck, but it’s also very beneficial when getting grease or tire marks off your driveway and washing mold and mildew off the side of your house.


Follow the above tips and your home will be absolutely prepared for all your holiday houseguests!

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